Tuesday, March 13

Stealth Training

Below you will find candid pictures of Sam and Shannon Banks during their TOP SECRET stealth training last Saturday! They are attempting highly dangerous stunts, and we just happened to be there to catch them!
Actually, Sam and I took these pictures ourselves, and they are not so dangerous. For safety reasons we attempted the picture taking on the kiddie wall, seeing as the picture taker was inevitably the one on belay! It was really quite stupid what we were doing. We had one hand holding the rope, and then with the hand that gives or takes up the slack, we were holding both the rope and my cell phone. We really shouldn't have been doing it, but the kiddie wall is very easy and not very high at all, so if the belayer were to accidentally lose the rope, we wouldn't have had very far to fall. :) This was our first time using our new climbing equipment and it made a huge difference! My powder blue velcro shoes really make climbing a breeze! And this is the first time we left without bruises from the harnesses. Having your own equipment is so nice.
Our rock gym hosts birthday parties every Saturday for little kids and their friends. They have a little class and then they let the kids go out and climb the walls. They even have a party room for pizza and cake, and for all the presents (and present opening). I love going when the parties are there because the kids are so cute and say the funniest things. I have included some pictures for your enjoyment. Sam overheard one of the little boys stating that he wanted to climb the wall and then eat lunch at the top. We shared a chuckle over that. I apologize that the pictures are so low quality. We left our spy cam at home with our machine guns, ear pieces, government keycards, detonators...you know. Normal spy stuff. All the pictures were taken with my cell so they are pretty fuzzy and reflective, but you get the gist. There is a bell at the top of the wall for people to ring when they get to the top. Unfortunately there is also a light right next to the bell so you can't really see it in the picture, but that's what we are doing at the top. Well, that is all I am able to divulge - I may have already said too much. If you were to know more, you and your loved ones would not be safe. On that note, I bid you all farewell. I have received intelligence that a local terrorist (can I say that on here?) has big plans for this weekend, so I will keep you updated. Until then...CONSTANT VIGILANCE!


Shelley said...

Don't worry, there will be a few government agents swarming your place tonight for saying "terrorist" on the internet. Oh no! Now I've said it too. But Sam's right, your butt looks so great in that harness. Quit showing off. And tell Sam I'm scared too - the ground looks really far away!

Anonymous said...

For a limited time only, you can have your very own wallet print or 8x10 glossy of that picture of me in the pain fully awkward pose with my hand on the lockers. Can you say uncoordinated??? And for just a few dollars more you can get your 8X10 glossy signed by yours truly at this year’s convention. That right!!! But you'd better act quickly because supplies are limited and this offer won’t be around for ever.

Alesha said...

The training looked like it went as planned, the government will be pleased. You two are so cute and show that butt off, YEAH BABY!!!! I think that Shelley is jealous :)! Just kidding Shelley, can't wait to see what the government has planned for you next.