Monday, March 5

You have been cleared for level 5 access!

That's right! We actually have a blog and YOU are cleared to view it all! But be warned: this page contains top secret information and should not be shared with any who are unworthy to do so. In the days and weeks to come, new information will be passed along to you through this central information depot, so be sure to check back from time to time or you are sure to miss some imperative information. Your lives or the lives of your loved ones could depend on it. Or maybe it will just make us sad if you don't. But trust us, we are great allies to have in case of emergency, and unfortunate enemies likewise. So it is in your best benefit to stay as updated on our profile as humanly possible. That is all for now. This blog will NOT self destruct in 5 minutes (Believe us, we tried. Apparently people in very high places frown upon computer explosives), but it will encrypt itself and be impossible to read unless you are familiar with the hotdogequaltotheyen algorithm, which we are confident you are not. So get what you can now because it may not be here later!


Shelley said...

I want a spy blog!! This is awesome. But I'm sorry my friend, I do know the hotdogequaltotheyen algorithm, and it's keycode is "whiskers". Oops, I've said too much! I'll be passing this along others to read - the future of the universe hangs in the balance!

Shannon said...

Sister, you are so witty and clever! But I am the one who is sorry my friend, because this means war! No one threatens my humor with a comment funnier than what I have written. You are now on my enemy list... OR you can join forces with me and we will become a comedic mastermind so powerful no one will be able to stop us! We could kill a yak from 100 miles away...with MIND BULLETS! That's telekinesis Chewy. That's the move you.

Michael said...

A spy blog! How delightful.

I only have one thing to say about your blog. And that is: Dah diddly doo dah day.

And furthermore: Dah diddly doo dah day.

Not only that but: Dah diddly doo dah day.

Moreover: Dah diddly doo dah day.

In addition: Dah diddly doo dah day.

And in conclusion: Dah diddly doo dah day.

I won't even need a spycam to know that as you read that you were singing along in your best high-pitched vibrato.

Love the blog. Though I am not intimidated at all by Sam-wise's supposed "brawn," I am terrified of cat-like agility from a super ninja. I must admit that I am so scared, I just shed a tear... Or maybe I just poked myself in the eye and said "My dog is dead!"

Mommas said...

You guys are hilarious!!! What really amazed me is that these gems of genius weren't posted at 1:16, 1:58, and 2:08AM!!! :)

Alesha said...

Ooooo.... I feel so special and important to be involved with such a top secret operation. I'm afraid that I don't have the witty and clever comments as Shelley does but believe me I'll surprise out of the blue sometime. I love it and think this awesome, keep me posted on everything!!

Heather said...

Very fun.. all you need is some theme music, maybe "the final countdown", that would be a nice touch.