Wednesday, July 25

It's Quiz Time!

Okay, so it seems like there are a lot of quizzes going around out there in the blogging world, so I have decided to have a whole post of quizzes that all mean something to me.

We shall start with the "what soda are you?" quiz...

You Are Root Beer

Ultra sweet and innocent, you have a subtle complexity behind your sugary front.
Children love you, but so do high end snobs... when you're brewed right.

Your best soda compatibility match: Dr. Pepper

Stay away from: Diet Coke
I got this quiz from a friend's blog and thought it was funny (thanks Melissa). Especially because she was Dr. Pepper and her hubby was Coke Classic. Under her husband's description it said "Stay away from: Dr. Pepper". Uh oh! :)

You Are a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You are a traditional person with very simple tastes.
In your opinion, the best things in life are free, easy, and fun.
You totally go with the flow. And you enjoy every minute of it!

Your best friend: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Ham Sandwich
I took this one because I was really hoping I would be the peanut butter and jelly sandwich (since that's what I take to lunch every day). No go. Oh well, it all works out because I have grilled cheese for dinner every night!

Your Gluttony Quotient: 60%

You definitely have your gluttonous moments. For you, eating is a true hobby.
And while you do spend a lot on food, you can always make it back winning eating contests.
Now this one makes me laugh because Sam and I are infamous for being food addicts (me more than him). We have this discussion all the time, and I really thought I was going to get 100%. I'm glad I didn't. I guess the fact that I'm not willing to spend $100 on a meal makes me less of a fatty. Go figure.

Your Taste in Music:

90's Alternative: Highest Influence
80's Alternative: High Influence
80's Rock: High Influence
Alternative Rock: High Influence
Classic Rock: High Influence
Another funny one to me. The other day our good friends Cody and Nicole came over and we got on the subject of music. Come to find out my friend has an unusual music taste! :) It's really funny because she is this soft spoken, tiny little blonde, and she I guess she's a closet fan of rap music. Literally a closet fan, as her closet apparently has a picture of 50 cent hanging inside! It made me laugh so hard to hear, and is making me laugh right now just thinking about it. So I thought I'd put this quiz on here so everyone could take it and I could see if there were more interesting tidbits of information concerning my friends and their musical interests.

You Will Not Be a Cool Parent

And that's pretty okay. While your kids may not think of you as a friend, they will respect you.
You know that kids need discipline and structure, and you're not afraid to give it to them.
Just be careful that your strictness doesn't lead to rebellion.
It's good to have standards and rules, but you don't need to have an iron fist when enforcing them.
This was a fitting test for Sam and I right now, and I have to say, I am glad I won't be a cool parent. "Cool" parents always weirded me out growing up, so I am proud to be different from them. I hate the part that's on there about being too strict though. The only reason that's on there is because I said without a doubt that my kid would never watch an R rated movie, and that I would never swear in front of them. I guess having standards not only makes me square, but labels me the "iron fist". Ah, well. Watch out David...the iron fist is coming!

Your Vocabulary Score: A-

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.
I really thought I was going to fail this one and thought it would be funny to take to see just how much I need to improve. I guess I did pretty well! I KNEW scrabble was a good investment!

You Are a Trifle

No doubt, you have many intricate layers. But deep down, you're a little squishy.
"Deep down you're a little squishy"? Can anyone tell me what that means? I don't understand! I really wanted to be a gingerbread man or something warm and gooey holiday-y. Trifle? How boring. Although I guess that's what they have for their Christmas feast at Hogwarts, so I won't complain too much (P.S. Stay tuned for an exciting Hogwarts post to come)!
Well, that's all the quizzes for now. I figure you have enough to keep you occupied for a few minutes. Please take these quizzes yourselves and put what you are in the comments section (or on your own blog). Thanks for playing, and I can't wait to find out more about all of you! :)


Nicole said...

Okay, so I actually have a lot to comment on this one. First, I am rootbeer too--pretty cool. But I think I really need to clear something up here... Yes, I like hip hop (which I don't think is all that unusual), but I really don't have 50 Cent on my closet door!! Funny you thought Cody was serious though. I really have Ja Rule. JK. Cody put it this way, "it's like Sam... you don't really believe anything he says!" But to be honest, I like most music. Check this out:

90's Hip Hop: Highest Influence
90's Pop: Highest Influence
90's Rock: Highest Influence
Adult Alternative: High Influence
R&B: High

I don't think it had any new bands (or rappers in my case)on there--that's why mine are all 90's.

Also, I hope you were serious about Scrabble being a good investment because I love Scrabble and Cody will never play!!!

Shannon said...

Ha ha ha! I figured Cody was lying about the 50 cent poster, but it was still very funny to me! :) I also really like that Cody says not to believe anything Sam says. It's sooo true! I have had some people believe very strange things about me before and I'm like "You SERIOUSLY thought I'd do that? I'm insulted!" And yes...scrabble was a great investment and Sam and I play it from time to time (although he cheats). Anytime you want to break it out, you just let me know. That can be one of our night activities we do. And maybe when Cody doesn't have tons of homework we'll have both of you over to play. We'll get him hooked! Scrabble with the Banks is never dull. Thanks for being the first to comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey sam and Shan....II need your phone numbers. and sam I need your email address. I was a coke, a true classic with just the right amount of energy and coolness!! he he he. love you both, ciao. ANNALISA

Shelley said...

Ok, I did all the quizes. Get ready for my long response:

- I'm a 7-UP, understated and subtle (WRONG!!)

- I'm a PB&J sandwich (ha ha!), artistic and creative (WRONG again!). But my BFF is grilled cheese, so there you go!

- I scored a 34% on the gluttony test (from the looks of our bodies, our scores got switched sister). It said I have a good balance between gluttony and self control - don't know if that's true...

- I think the music one is accurate enough. I don't really like "bands" so much as songs, so I just clicked on bands if they had a song I liked to listen to, even if I didn't really like the band.
80's R&B: Medium influence
80's Rock: Medium
90's Alternative: Medium
90's Pop: Medium
90's Rock: Medium

-I scored the same on the parenting test. And I think anyone who's LDS would do the same. When your choices are "let them have sex with whoever they want" or "lock them in their room until their 25", obviously you're going to pick the choice that makes you sound, in the world's mind, "archaic and strict". I wouldn't worry too much about it.

- C+ on the vocab. You are totally cheating! And I'm an English major! Shame on me!

- And finally, I was a gingerbread house (ha again!), spicy and sweet. Well, maybe that one is true.

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Hey Shannon,
We like the highchair you saw on our blog. We have only been using it a few weeks, but so far no complaints- comfy for Clara and easy to clean. Clara loves the farm animal toys, too.
-Nicolle Sherwood