Thursday, October 18

Shannon fell that David might be...

Everyone knows that I love love love heels - the higher and skinnier, the better. All my friends have been telling me I shouldn't wear them because your balance is so out of whack when you're pregnant, but I've been so graceful in them I haven't really given their advice much thought. Now that I am 8 months pregnant my feet are starting to get tired. So for the last month I've sworn off stilettos but I've still been wearing platforms because I still get the height, just a little more comfortably.

Sam and I always go to church together, but this past Sunday I left before Sam because I needed to be there early for my calling and he wasn't quite ready yet. I put on a lovely green dress and my tan platform shoes (above) and headed out the door, hands full of scriptures, hymnal, water bottle, keys, and a giant purse. I'm just walking leisurely out to my car and suddenly I can't see anything! I move my head around and realize it's because my face is in the ground. Literally, one second I'm up, next I'm down. Flat. On my face. Every square inch of my body was lying flat on the ground. I was confused for a second, and then I felt the pain. Ouch. In Phoenix, there is no such thing as soft ground. There is rock, and then there is jagged rock. That's about the only landscaping we have.

Lucky for me, my body had found its way into the jagged rock. So as I try to stand up and gather all my belongings that are now scattered into the street in a 10 foot radius, I realize I'm bleeding pretty bad from my knee. It was like being 5 all over again. I walked into the house kind of whimpering, and then as soon as I saw Sam I started bawling! Hahahaha. It must have been so funny. But I was scared at the time because I thought I had landed on my stomach and I was afraid I'd hurt the baby. But after I inspected and started cleaning my wounds, I realized there was no way I landed directly on my belly because the evidence was overwhelming that I'd caught myself on every other part of my body. :)

Anyway, I knew it was going to happen sometime. All my friends tell me every pregnant woman has a least one fall and one scare that it hurt the baby. So this was mine. Oh well, it's worth it for the little baby to be!!!


Sam said...

What Shannon doesn't realize growing up in a house with no boys is that little David is naturally quite acustom to falls and scraped knees. I'm positive it didn't even phase him because it's in his DNA to play rough, and that includes more than a few spills and scrapes.

melissa said...

I'm glad to hear that you weren't hurt too bad.

Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

Okay Shannon, It's Lindsie McDaniel, I have been blog staulking you for a while and now it the perfect time to come out in the open with a great story that will make you feel so much better about your fall.

I don't think I ever really fell down when I was pregnant, however, probably a month or so after Ava was born I was running into Babies R' Us to grab something we had forgetten to get while inside and I snagged the edge of the curb with my toe and, as you can imagine, totally face planted so hard I didn't know what hit me. I probably laid there for a good 30 seconds, in fetal postition, before finally deciding that I couldn't just dissapear and that I would have to get up and respond to the 4 or 5 cars waiting for me to get up and confirm that I was okay. It got even worse when half of the Babies R' Us employees came rushing out thinking that a pregnant girl had just fallen down when in actuality, it was just clumsy post-pregnancy Lindsie.

Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed, and a little scraped up, but mostly just dealing with a very bruised ego.

Cody & Nicole said...

Shannon, even though you think this incident is quite funny, it still makes me sad hearing about it(even the second time). I felt so bad when you told me about it the morning it happened. I think the whole not being able to sit up from laying down on the couch to answer the phone when I call is much more funny. Possibly because it doesn't involve such nasty scrapes!