Thursday, February 21

Road Trip!

A few weeks ago we took David on his very first road trip! We headed up to St. George, Utah because Sam's sister and our very best friends had just had babies - on the same day! We got David in his car seat and headed off:

Just chillin'

David was a perfect angel the entire drive up. The car ride just put him to sleep, and even when he was awake he was happy as could be. We were so relieved as it's at least a 7 hour drive. The day after the drive we went and visited Chris and Brittany Harney who had just had their little baby - Jaxon Dean. What a cutie pie!

That night we went to see Sam's sister and our little niece, Hayden. That little girl has the biggest eyes and so much hair! She's just a little pixie.

It was such a fun trip and so great to see the beautiful little ones! Welcome to the world, Jaxon and Hayden!


Heather said...

David looks a little "far-out" if you know what I mean in the first wonder he was good on the drive.. Ha ha just teasing.. he's probably the cutest baby boy I know.. Come up to St. George soon and I promise this time I will come down. I miss you all.

Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Jaxon! I have been dying to see him and boy is he a cutie! I can't believe David was so great through the whole trip up. When we first took Ava to St. George what was supposed to be a 9 hour drive took 12. Needless to say, we have been a little apprehensive about doing it again.

David looks so cute in those top pictures. He has the best skin color. I am loving his cute little face.

Grammy said...

He is such a precious angel in that car seat!! And Sam, what is up with babies crying when you hold them__first Shaelyn, then Jaxon, and I don't remember if Hayden did? At least the one that matters most loves you!