Sunday, April 13

Flight of the Conchords

Every once in a while an event happens in popular culture that is so great, so innovative, that it changes the landscape of reality as we know it. Ladies and gentlemen what I am about to show you is that very event.

The show: Flight of the Conchords. ( No it is not "The Office". If you are just now figuring out that The Office is ground breaking, you're about three years behind the relevancy curve. Heck, if you're just now figuring out that "30 Rock" is brilliant you're at the very least one year behind the curve.)

We are talking "Arrested Development" good here. (If you still don't get Arrested Development, stop reading now and accept the fact that humor has officially passed you by, so you might as well go watch an episode of "Friends" on DVD.)

The plot: Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo A Capella-rap-funk duo (having been bumped by a tribute band of themselves- Like of the Conchords), Flight of the Conchords have moved to New York to make it big in the U.S.

Here are a few of the in-episode music video clips that the show has to offer.

Small Disclaimer: there may be a few lines that may be considered slightly racy for a family blog,
so be forewarned.

Yup; That just happened! And I know what you're thinking: Sam, you are so blowing my mind right now.

I know.

I know.

You may now be considered "in the know".

You're welcome.

Thanks to the Broadbents for turning us on to the show.


Cody said...

Sam, I just wanted to let you know you are looking fly.

And I love your Business Socks.


Sara said...

I found your blog while browsing. I have to thank you for the info. My husband and I are huge Office and 30 Rock fans. I went to high school with Sam. We live in Chandler. Whereabouts in the Phoenix area do you live? Congrats a few months late on the birth of your son. I have 2 boys and they keep me super busy but are a tone of fun.
Take Care,
Sara Chipman Lyon

Shelley said...

My favorite part: Bowie

"Do you have one crazy space suit, or several so you can cha-a-a-ang?"

How lucky we are to have you in the family!!!! :)

Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

We love love love this show too. Some of my favorites:
Part-time model
Business time
Not Cryin' (not sure if that's the actual name)

Cody said...

Sam, I got to thinking today...and ya know what... not only do you got it going on, you may be the best looking guy in the room.

And when walking down the street, depending on the street, you may be in the top 3.

You could even be a part time model. But don't quit you day job.

I hope this makes you feel better, in a very heterosexual way.


Melissa & Steve said...

I think my IQ just went down 10 points. ;)

Heddy said...

Today I was talking to a friend and he started singing the Brets got it going on song and I could laugh along with him. Thanks for making me "in the know" big brother.
ps. way to update! you have the cutest david ever. Bring him to see us por favor:)

C-Well said...

Samuel Banks! You NERD! Blogging? You? Nooooo! Anyway here is may blog.

The link is for Concord love. Good to have you in the know and props on A.D. knowlegde.

Much love,
cowboy casey

C-Well said...

Heather said...

You were in the Plane!!

Jeremy said...

Hey Shannon!

How are you? This is Katie from the ward. So I feel kinda lame leaving this on here insted of emailing you, but since I realized that I don't have your contact info...I thought this would do. Just wanted to say hi and also let you know about a special I am doing right now with my photography. Also, I wanted to see if there was a time we could hang out! And...was wondering if you could help show me how to cut Jeremy's hair! :)

Anyways, I decided to take this month and focus on little kids with my photography. I am doing a special for a photo session at $100. I can come to you or take them wherever you want. If you or anyone else you know may be interested, let me know! If not, no worries and I hope you have a fabulous day!

Jeremy and I would love to hang out with you and Sam sometime and get to know you more if you have some free time, let us know!

You can call or email me anytime! or 602.697.2408

Have a great day,


Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Hello my food-loving-friends.

Check THIS out and let me know if/when we're going to make these:

Anonymous said...

You guys are slacking! Update Update

jenn said...

ok, it has been a month, it's time to update this thing already!!!

Chris & Brittany said...

Okay, I know your busy, but I'm with Jenn...we need some updates and pictures of our nephew! Love and miss you guys! When are you coming for a visit? I guess we're due to come see you... we need to make that happen, huh?

heddy said...

you either need to visit more, or update more.. i prefer the visit:)

Christa Skousen said...

Ben showed Joe and I "Flight of the Conchords" on youtube two nights ago. We had to pause it several times we were laughing so hard. Quality entertainment!

nadiashea said...

so I miss you?

I miss your baby, and your pickle popsicles, and your $40.00 tab at burger king, and "I'm just so freaking excited"
and your pervertedness, and talking for hours about our moms and various food places, and you helping me make important life decisions, etc.

please come back?

jenn said...

it was so fun to see you guys last weekend, thank you for coming!!


nadiashea said...

you need to update more you slacker! How are you? How's the family? So I went to Zen 32 and it was delightful. My dad and I really appreciated how beautiful the food was, each plate looked like art. Have fun on your trip! Hope to see you in the medspa soon.

Annalisa said...

Get yourselves a blogging..we have a nephew that we would like to see.