Tuesday, August 26

Sad Realizations

Our trusty little vacuum, Big Red (that we've had since we moved to Phoenix 3 years ago), finally bit the dust Friday. It was a sad day in the Banks household. Mostly because David will find any small piece of anything on the carpet and crawl straight to it and put it in his mouth. So I was probably scraping out small rocks and bits of fallen food out of his mouth every few minutes. And he maybe swallowed a feather.

I went to Target the other day to purchase a new vacuum and decided on the Dirt Devil Vibe with swivel action. Aka the Blue Beast.

I brought it home and Sam put it all together. We then gathered around the vacuum so neither of us would miss the first use of said vacuum. We spent the next 20 minutes vacuuming the house and then breaking out the attachments and vacuuming walls and ceilings and fans and furniture just to see how well the attachments worked. Afterward we were so excited that we proceeded to recap everything we'd just done just to comment on how cool and amazing it was. In fact, I think I might have even used the sentence "that's the most amazing thing that's ever happened in this house" in regards to the cool things one of the attachments to do. WHAT?!?!?! When did we become those people? Are our lives really that sad that a mere (super cheap) vacuum purchase is that exciting? And then comes the answer: yes. Boo. I guess parenthood makes you a little more excited about keeping house. Welcome to the real world I guess!


Nicole said...

That is hilarious! I love that David "maybe swallowed a feather." Too funny. I know what you mean though. I find myself excited when Jadyn goes to bed at 8:30, so I can immediately follow suit. Sometimes I catch myself and think, "going to be at nine?? You're not pregnant any more, Nicole. You are so lame." Ah, well, such is life.

Brittany and Chris said...

The story is very cute... I'm just glad to finally hear about your little family. And, yes, you have become "those people", but would you trade it?

Is Sam doing a Yahoo! Fantasy team this year?

Shelley said...

hahahahaha! funniest post ever. totally can see it. glad you told us it happened. my joy comes from vacuuming - since it happens about once a quarter. sad! and i have a really nice vacuum!!! i love this story. thanks for sharing. and i love that david might have eaten a feather. hahahahaha!

can't wait to see you in three weeks! love you sister!

Mom said...

Loved the post! Guess this means I don't have to buy Sam a vacuum for his birthday!!!!!