Tuesday, January 27

Happy (belated) birthday, sweet toddler of mine!!!!

It's my birthday!!!!!!!!

I know, I know. I'm a really bad blogger. I am fully aware of this fact. But I'm trying. I do have some posts coming up and I will try to get them on here asap, but for now this one seemed most important.
David turned one about a month and a half ago (thanks J and Hed for posting about it since I never got around to it!) and I am FINALLY posting something about it. Sorry for those of you who have been (not so) quietly waiting!

David's birthday was on Wednesday the 17th, but we had a party for him on Saturday so his Auntie Heather could come down for it from BYU. We didn't really invite anyone besides family, but seeing as both sides of Sam's family live here, that ended up being quite a few people. I decided I wanted to do the traditional Utah "smash cake" for David and then a regular cake for everyone else. His party was Backyardigans themed (a kid's t.v. show David really loves) so the night before I set out making the most elaborately decorated cake for his party. I made the mistake of setting the cake a little to close to the edge of the table, and I wasn't aware that my son had learned the fine art of climbing. Before I knew it, David had climbed onto the kitchen chair and pulled the cake onto the floor. BAAAAAHHHH! Fortunately one of the gifts Heavenly Father bestowed upon me is the ability to not get overly stressed (usually) and to see the humor in most situations. This proved to be one of those times as I don't think I ever felt the heat of anger. I laughed pretty hard, and just decided I would make another one. In the meantime I decorated his smash cake and stored it well out of reach. When it came time to start his second cake, I decided I really didn't feel like it. So I bought some at Walmart the next day on the way to his party. Hey, he's one. Like he's going to remember.

Cakes courtesy of Walmart

Anyway, Sam's wonderful family decorated the place while I was out getting last minute things, and it looked so so nice. Thanks again!! He had lots of guests, lots of food (thanks, Pizza Hut!) lots of messy cake, and lots of fun presents. Very fun day. Let's do it again next year!!

The birthday boy in his throne

David's Backyardigans smash cake

David amongst all his lovely presents

Blowing a noise maker

Visiting with Uncle Chris (thanks for using your lunch break on us!)

Getting kinda' full....

So I'll share with Grandpa!

There are videos too but blogger is being super lame so I'll just have to post them later. Sorry. But thanks for celebrating David's birthday with us!


Grammy said...

Awesome, what a cutest one year old grandson the world has ever known!!! Wish I could have been there...maybe next year (I have not been to any of my grandkids birthdays) : { Love the throne, shirt and the smash cake (looks like he did too) & can only imagine what a masterpiece the fallen cake must have been! Can't believe he kept that hat on...too cute!!! Looking forward to the videos (whenever). : )

Nicole said...

I can't believe how big David is! But I can believe how dang cute he is!! You did such a great job on the cake. I am so impressed by your patience. I would have been so frustrated after all that hard work. I wish I could have been there--it looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see you!!!!

j said...

it was a great party and David is sooooooo cute.

Shelley said...

aaaaaaahhhhhh! i've never seen him in blue jeans and tennis shoes before. what a little man! so cute! great job on the cake (of course) and looks like a fun party. and good idea with the tarp/naked baby for the cake eating. we were not so clever.

laughed out loud at the patience thing. mainly because i was thinking of my goal not to use the word angry. i mean, BE angry. :)

h-ba said...

I wish you would have gotten a pic of the post party Pablo, remember him... yeah you do. Ya ya ya ya ya. ps. tell me what my present is!!

Broadobalds said...

When did he get to be such a big boy? My brother and sister-in-law are moving to St. George!!! That means---one MORE reason to come see you guys. Calvin misses his buddy.

ranlar said...

I can't believe he's one! Such a cutie.