Monday, June 29

Update: David is 18 months!!!!!!

David just turned 18 months on the 17th, so I thought it would be fun to have a post about him and all the fun things he's been up to. For starters, he started nursery 2 weeks ago and he is so good in there. The first week he went I stayed in for a few minutes just to see what he'd do. After about 15 minutes I figured he was fine so I grabbed my purse to try to walk out unnoticed. He immediately looked right over at me and before I had time to panic about his pending tantrum, he waves to me, says "BYE!" as loudly and excitedly as possible, blows me a kiss, and turns around to continue playing. Ha ha ha. Well, okay then. :) I should say, he was not a PERFECT angel. I was afraid going in that he would be kind of a bully and steal the toys from the other kids. He didn't. Instead, he waited until the nursery leader had joined all the kids in a circle for story time. Then he went up and stole the book she was reading to the entire class right out of her hands! He took it across the room, sat on a chair, and read it to himself. He then threw a tantrum when I made him give it back. I laughed so hard, and so did the leader. So my son is not the bully that takes a kid's toy. He is the bully that takes THE toy from ALL the children. I am so proud. However, that has been the only incident. He loves his nursery leader and spent all last Sunday waving at her and saying hi during sacrament meeting. When we got up to take him to nursery he cried because he thought we were taking him away from her. So she came over and took him and carried him to nursery herself, which he loved! What a big boy. We're so thrilled he enjoys being in there and that we have the last 2 blocks to ourselves, for the next two weeks at least!

We took David in for his 18 month checkup and he weighs 26 pounds and is 33 1/2 inches tall. That puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and the 80th for height. And also puts him at half my height! What the WHAT???? He's so tall!

He can FINALLY say "mommy" (as of Saturday), so that's fun. He also says "baby brother" if you point to my belly. Precious. The rest of his vocabulary consists of daddy (which he has said for about 3 months now), baby, puppy, ball (bawwww), frog (fwah), book (bo), eye, hi, bye, no, yeah, juice (shooooosh), milk (meow), cheese (tzchee), apple (bah-bull), food (foo), more (nahw), thank you (day too), cracker (cah-koo), cookie, bubble, paw paw, up, out, uh-oh, shoe, teeth (tee), you, buddy (as in his best friend named buddy corduroy - a stuffed lamb- pronounced bubby), eieio (as in he wants to sing Old McDonald), and that's all I can think of right now. If they don't have phonetic spellings to the side, it means he can say it correctly.

Sounds he can make are: doggie (woof woof), kitty (high pitched neowww), lion (rawww), bear (gawwwww - meant to be grrr but he can't say his r's), sheep (bahhhhh in a growl, still not sure why - I guess I sound like I'm growling when I try to shake my a's), elephant (a raspberry because that's apparently how I do it...just spit a lot), horsie (high pitched nayyyyyy), cow (moo), duck (ka ka - and consequently every bird is a duck), owl (who), snake (ssssss), monkey (oo oo), crocodile (ka ka - it's a quack like a duck - I have absolutely no idea why), farmer (eio - for eieio), baby (mama - as in what a baby says), car (beep beep), train (choo choo), and that's all of those I can think of. And yes I know some of them are incorrect.

If you're not bored yet and you're still reading, here's the part with the pictures.

David loves to climb and will climb into and onto anything and everything. Here are some captured examples:

Here he is climbing INTO, not out of, the entertainment center shelf

Climbing into the pantry...don't let that cute little smile fool you. He's evil. He's about to empty out the contents of that box in its entirety.

Yes, he did in fact empty out the contents of the drawer onto the floor so he could climb inside.

He loves eating and feeding himself. It's messy but he gets such joy out of it!

He also loves his car seat. He loves sitting in it and buckling it. Consequently he enjoys sitting in it and buckling himself in. Hey, no complaints here!

Watching Backyardigans in his carseat

He loves the water. In any form. He loves baths, showers, pools, and apparently coolers full of water!

He loves to color. This is his easel, and he is ONLY allowed to have his crayons while he is seated here. I learned the hard way. We never painted his nursery, but he thought he'd do the honors for us with his little brown crayola. Ooops.

Our little Picasso
He loves anything cuddly, but his best friend is Buddy Corduroy. It's a lamb that's twice his size.

And his very favorite things (besides mommy and daddy) are his froggy and binky. Can't live without 'em!

Love those brown eyes and chubby little legs!

Well, that's it. Sorry it's a long post. But he's just getting so big and smart I had to share!


shelley said...

LOVE IT!!! thanks for sharing. i miss being so far away and watching him grow up. love his brown eyes and chubby legs too. and how mischievous he is!! can't wait to see you guys!

Nicole said...

I LOVED this post. Oh it made me smile and chuckle so many times. David is so, so, so handsome! I can't believe how tall he is either (half your size! that really is CRAZY!)--especially in the pic of him in his car seat--he looks like such a big boy!! I love his mischevious little smile--it really is the cutest thing ever. I bet it is sooo hard to get mad at him looking so adorable! When you mentioned the lamb above, I was wondering what happened to Mr. Froggy. I'm glad to see he still loves it. And the lamb is so cute. I want to get a giant something for Jadyn so bad. I love how he is putting it on his little car to take it for a ride. So, so cute!!! Loved, loved, loved hearing about David! I'm so excited to see how him and little Trevor interact. It will be very, very fun!

Side note: I tried calling today; I thought talking to you was a much more worthy cause than vacuuming, but alas, I ended up vacuuming because I didn't catch you. I guess it was a good thing you weren't around--my floors were getting pretty disgusting. Another day though K.

Melissa L. said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! I especially love the one of him climbing into the entertainment center. :) I also loved reading about his words. What a fun stage when they say things like "shoooosh" for juice and "meow" for milk! :) I think he's starting to look more like you as he gets older. What do you think?

Grammy said...

He is sooo big & sooo smart & sooo good & sooo stinking cute!!!!! What a perfect little boy! I love the stove drawer, the car seat pics and the last three (so was that ALL of them?). Just can't get enough of the Bubby-bubs-bubs!

Jerry Banks said...

He also says grandpa! I am amazed as I watch him grow from a baby to a little boy. He has such a distinct loveable personality.

Jennifer said...

He is so stinking cute. He knows a lot of words and sounds and you always complain that he doesn't know that many, silly girl. I think he may even have Hayden beat now, I don't think she knows all the ones he does. I love the picture of him crawling into the tv stand backwards, classic. Can't wait to meet little Trevor and see the brothers together.

Broadobalds said...

Oh man I love this kid. Calvin had so much fun with him a few weeks ago. BFFs! He wanted to apologize for pushing him off the porch on the tractor. I mean, one day when he can communicate he will. XOXOXO