Monday, May 3

Let's do this again, shall we?

I know, I know, I am really horrible at keeping up this blog. Why on earth would I add another blog to the mix? But I'm serious this time, people! I'm going to do it! I'm going to update both blogs, regularly!

So, please check out my other blog I'm back on the weightloss bandwagon, and tracking it all on there! I just posted new stats and "before" pictures, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, head on over. And if you're not interested, stay on this blog for some nummy new recipes that aren't healthy enough for my other blog. Is that cheating?

Well, that's all I have to say for today. See ya.


Ashley and Nate said...

Yay! How fun! I will definitely follow along. Good luck!

Nicole said...

I'm excited for all the posts--no matter what form! :) Love, love, love hearing about your life!