Monday, October 18

Baby talk: September edition

The David Man

The Trevor Bear

I was singing regularly during the day to practice for an upcoming audition and usually David loved it (and would sing right along with me). But one day, I was singing in the bathroom while I was doing my hair and David was hanging out with me. He said "Mommy, stop singing! You're freakin' me!"


Me: "David! Look! You did it!"

David: "Yeah, I'm a good jobber."


David: "Can I eat dinner with my crav?"

Me: "What's your crav?"

David: "Right here." Holding up a toy crab

Me: "Oh, you mean your crab? David that's called a crab." (extra emphasis on the "b")

David: "Oh, that's my crap?"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, crav was better.


David loves to make up songs, and this one was so funny to me I had to write it down. He's just so cute!
To Trevor:
"Are you eatin' a peach? Yeah, you're eatin' a peach. And drinkin' that milk. Cuz you are a baby. Are I am a baby? No no no no no no no no no way. No way. I not a baby."
The end.


David: "Mommy, I think you're fun!"

Me: "You do? David I think you're fun!"

David: "No, I not. I'm just a wittle boy."


Sometimes David is very sweet and affectionate towards his little brother. One day Trevor stepped on a toy and fell, and cried really really hard. So David went to take care of him.
"Okay baby, it's okay. Okay baby don't you cry. You're not hurt anymore, aren't you? You bite your fingers? (he didn't, by the way) It's okay. You don't cry cuz you happy!"


I was on the phone with Sam the other day, and whatever he was saying to me was making me very incredulous. As I'm questioning Sam with increasing incredulity, David walks right up to the phone in my hand and (very seriously) says, "Stop it Daddy. You are freakin' Mommy out of control!"


Trevor loves to change the channel on our t.v., and he knows if he turns on the tv and there's just static, just change the channel until you get a picture. Well the other day, Sam was watching something super cool and manly (cough...battlestar galactica...cough, cough) and there was a scene with an explosion. Right after the explosion, everything went totally black. No sound, no picture, just a black screen. This alerted Trevor to a problem, who promptly stated: "UH OH! I help." and went over and started changing the channel saying "channel, channel, I help. I help." It was so adorable.


For as many times as I get irritated by these kids, my little men just make me laugh and laugh. I sure am a lucky one.


Nicole said...

Such cute, cute boys! I love how musical they are. It makes me so happy to think of you singing and them singing along. Can I please hear you sing your song for the play next time we skype? Please?! That is what I do with my sister. It makes me so sad I don't get to see it. And don't not skype because of my request either.

Isn't it funny how they pick up on our slang words too. Funny David says freakin. And like Jadyn says like too much now. Aaargh. I'm one of those girls.

So cute that David is so caring to his little bro. Adorable.

So we had a couple of our own "baby talk" moments just while looking at your blog. 1. Jade wanted to watch the Halloween videos and she just kept telling me over and over until it would actually start. I told her be patient because it needed to download. We hit play on the second video, it doesn't come up right away so she says, "It's going down?"

Then as we are scrolling down and she's seeing the pictures on the sidebar, I'm telling her who they are. Then it gets to David--the one where he has long hair and she says, "That is Jadyn?" :)

And the other day we were looking at old baby pics of her. I asked her who it was and she thought for a minute. "Baby Trevor?"

OH, how we miss you guys!

Jerry Banks said...

Those are great stories!!! Smart boys

Jerry Banks said...

I saved a message that was on my phone from David, It is his voice saying over and over again, "hello grandpa" he must have called by accident and then when he heard my voice on the message thought I was there. He said "hello grandpa" at least 20 times before he gave up. It amazes me that he is old enough to leave that message, knowing it was grandpa.

Annalisa said...

i can totally hear david't voice in my head! I love that sweet voice. These are great stories and you should keep them coming...where did david learn freaking me out? I love that. When does your play open? and what where you auditioning for?

Heather said...

I miss those boys. Its almost been 3 weeks since we've seen you guys. Boo.

shelley said...

next time i see sam i'm going to tell him that he's freaking me out of control!!!!