Thursday, May 23

Brudders x 3!

David and Trevor have adjusted really well to this new change in our family. They love Charlie so much that we've had to set limitations and ground rules so they don't smother, suffocate, or crush him. When we brought Charlie home, the boys suggested we have a birthday party for him. I thought that was such a sweet idea. We had hot dogs for dinner (the boys' choice for the ultimate party food) and the boys helped bake and decorate cupcakes. We sang happy birthday, and the boys gave him a present - a lovie just like theirs. They were so happy the whole time, it just made my heart soar. I love these little guys so much I feel like I can't contain it sometimes. I really love being a mom.


Shannon said...

That is So So Sweet! I cant believe you have 3 boys, Im so excited for you! BTW, you should add me to your private list so I can keep reading youre awesome blog :) (I suggest copying and pasting that!)

Nicole said...

What sweet little boys you have! That is darling!! Love the pictures, so cute! You look amazing as well!!

Heather said...

Love Trev's cheese face!haha.