Monday, May 21

Water Fight!

So last post Sam informed all of you that we went in for an unexpected visit to our OB and saw what a big, healthy baby we have! He also stated that I would fill you in on the particulars of our visit, so here it is for all of you to enjoy. Last Wednesday I started having some cramps, which is one of those things you're supposed to call your doctor about when it happens. Well, I figured it was nothing, and even thought maybe it could be attributed to the shingles as it was on the same side and in the same area. So I blew it off. Well by Friday my cramps hadn't gone away and they were getting worse, so I decided I should at least call my OB and see what she had to say. I decided to go to the bathroom before I called, and on my way back from the bathroom I had what I knew to be a contraction! Don't ask me how I knew, but I did... it was unmistakable! So I got a little nervous and immediately called my doctor. They had an open appointment later that afternoon and asked me to come in. So, 4 o'clock rolls around and Sam and I go to the doctor's office. Now I had calmed myself down a little before going in, because I had convinced myself (and Sam, I think) that it was just a bladder infection. I get them super easily and they can cause a lot of pain, and I figured that's all this was. So when I get in to my doc. I tell her the same thing. They have me pee in a cup. Then they want to check me to make sure nothing is failing - everything was fine. They then ask me about my fluid intake. Ummmm, fluid intake? Water and I (or most liquids in general) have not been getting along. I'm usually too sick to drink them, and then when I finally do, I just throw them up. I'd say my fluid intake is not so good. Then she asks if I'm taking anything to control my vomiting. Yes. Every 4 hours? No! I have a limited number of pills so I have been hoarding them for when I really need them. She writes me a prescription for tons more and at a higher dosage. She then tells me the reason this is so important is because my cramping is caused by my dehydration. Once a pregnant woman gets dehydrated enough, it dehydrates her uterus, causing cramping and eventually causing contractions that lead to pre-term labor. Yes. Your body will abort the baby if you get too dehydrated. SO, I had let myself get to that point! UGH! I have never felt like a bigger failure. Water makes me feel sick so I wasn't drinking it like I should. Didn't even think about how much that would affect my baby!!! What a terrible mother I was turning out to be! So the doctor leaves the room to get the ultra sound all set up so they can make sure the baby's fine, and I soon as she closes the door I start bawling! What a loser! I almost killed my baby! (It was very dramatic at the time) Sam assured me everything was fine, and I was just overreacting. He was right. We saw our baby and as you can see, it is a beauty! But they did tell me I need to treat water like it's medicine and just drink it and drink it and drink it. So now the baby's probably drowning I'm drinking so much. :) It's a good thing it lives in fluid! So there's the latest. I'm glad it all worked out.

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Samby said...

For those of you who have not yet had the privilege of knowing what it's like when your wife is pregnant with your first child, and would like some insight on the matter, I would refer you to the popular childrens tale of Chicken Little.

Shelley said...

I love the picture of the baby in the pea pod. I'm so glad everything is ok with baby and that you are drinking water!!!!!