Monday, September 10

And the winner is.....

We appreciate all the comments received on the topic of rock candy. We only received comments for two versions of rock candy, which were the exact two Sam and I were debating. The correct answer? Well, we were not able to satisfactorily close the case. It seems as though the Utah folks believe rock candy to be the jelly bean type candy that looks like rocks. This is what Sam assumed as well.

All the people who commented from North Carolina believe it to be the sugar crystals that form on sticks, which is what I knew rock candy to be.

The fact that the only place they sell it out here is Cracker Barrel seems telling that Sam might have been right - it's southern. Rob and Jackie pointed out that it is more of an "old fashioned" candy than a southern candy, which I agree with. It's definitely one of those novelty candies. But some (namely Sam) might argue that that is what makes up southern culture. So, no points for me there. Michael gave us the wikepedia definition (which I had also looked up to try to prove my point to Sam), and it is exactly what I thought rock candy to be. However, wikepedia is filled in with information from web users, and Sam said it was probably a bunch of southerners that wrote the rock candy description. So... it appears that my version of rock candy is the more common of the two, but it may just be in the south. And even if it isn't, Sam has not been persuaded otherwise. Hmmmm. Sorry the answer couldn't have been more definitive. But thanks for your input!


Cody & Nicole said...

No matter which one is "right", I would still choose chocolate before either of them. :)

Christie said...

If it helps the cause Shannon, I am not from the south, well, not the south you are talking about anyway, and the only kind of rock candy I've ever heard of is your kind. I don't know what that adds to the situation, but there you go. I love you guys and miss you!! When are you going to post more baby pics?