Tuesday, October 2

Sorry Everyone!

Okay, so I have been a terrible blogger lately. I apologize. It seems like time has really sped up and I don't know where it's all gone! I have about 5 posts that are composed mentally, I just haven't gotten around to actually putting them on the computer yet. Sometime this week you will (hopefully) see the following posts: Labor Day Weekend, Sam's Birthday, Pregnancy Update, and Sam's trip to the South! YAY! So please don't stop coming to our site. I promise it will be fun to look at again shortly. Some people in Tucson are throwing me a shower this weekend (during the Priesthood session of conference. How smart was that?) and so that post will be up soon as well. As you can see, we have been pretty busy. But the posts you've all been collectively asking about are on their way!!!!! And, if you like what you see, you should post a comment. That way I will feel like my posts are attracting some sort of attention and I will be more excited about keeping the blog updated. That and I just miss you all so much! I love to read your comments because it feels like we're not so far away from the ones we love. :)


melissa said...

yay! I must say I was wondering what happened to you. I have been missing my afternoon blog update reading.

Shannon said...

Thanks Melissa for caring! :)

Cody & Nicole said...

Hey, I care too... and I guess this means you are back from your fun trip so I want to hear all about it (so you should call me :) )!!

Cody & Nicole said...

Shannon, my dear, it has been a week and I still do not see any of these great posts you are talking about. Quit teasing all of us and put them on! :) (I especially want to see pics from the South!!)

The A Team said...

Hey guys. Congrats on your pregnancy. Emily and I like to hear about the comings and goings of Team Salmon so keep those posts coming. Shannon, tell us more about Sam's trip to the south?? Not south like Mexico, right? Sam, answer your phone when I call next time. Sorry that you have a little moustache envy--one day you'll be a big boy too Sammy.

It's been awhile, but you're not supposed to look hotter when you're pregnant. I'm jealous! I'm not a Harry Potter aficionado, but I can appreciate your party. That is funny!!

Christa Skousen said...

Joe and I have been anxiously awaiting more posts...We want to see more team Salmon!!!

The Grantham Family said...

YES shannon...I do check your blog, but I have to say I am still waiting for updates! No, seriously truth be told I can relate. I find myself always reading other peoples blogs and then I feel like I dont have anything too clever to say on my own!

We are thrilled for you to be expecting and how fun to be prego at the same time as the Harney's! Hope Arizona is treating you well as we freeze in the brrr cold of Idaho!

Make sure you tell Sam Dave and I say hello!

Lindsay Grantham (Dave's wife!)