Wednesday, October 3

Happy Birthday, Samby Joe!!!

September 6th was Sam's 28th birthday, and boy did we have a good time celebrating! Since his birthday was on a Thursday, I decided that Sam should have a whole birthday weekend to celebrate, not just one day! So that's what we did. Thursday through Sunday we partied like it was 1999. This meant Sam got to be pampered, pampered, pampered. He got to pick every thing we did during every second of each day. Activities, shows to watch, food to eat, etc. He was in charge of it all. And he had such a good time picking all of it! I got Sam a DVR for his birthday plus all the premium sports channels. This came in handy as his birthday fell on the same day as the NFL season kickoff! So for his birthday Sam decided he wanted to watch the Big Game and eat buffalo wings. There's this great place right by our house called Wing Stop and it has the greatest wings. I really like the lemon pepper wings, so we got some of those, too. Anyway, we watched the game and had wings, and Sam got to open some (very meager) presents. Birthday presents just don't seem as important when there's a baby on the way. Oh, well. He got some baby onsies that said cute things like "Daddy's little tough guy" - how cute is that?? He unfolded one and put it on his belly and said "It's so tiny. I want Samuel David to get here so he can lay on me like this and we can watch football." Awwww! It melted my heart. Anyway, we concluded "birthday weekend" day 1 with a delicious white cake with white frosting - Sam's favorite. :)

Day 2 was a Friday, and Sam thought it would be fun to record movies on our DVR and watch them. So that's what he did. I, on the other hand, fell asleep. Ooops. :)

Saturday Sam wanted to hang out with friends for his birthday, so we went over to our friends Cody and Nicole's house to hang out with them and our other friends Celeste and Dave. Cody and Nicole got some ice-cream and Halloween oreos for Sam's birthday, and Nicole was really excited that the oreos (besides having orange frosting) had little bats and ghosts and things on them. It was really cute to see Nicole get so excited over it. We teased her for a bit over that. :)

Since Sunday was the last day of Sam's birthday weekend, I decided it would be nice to make him a delicious home cooked meal (something I have been slacking on since I've been pregnant). When we got home from church we literally spent the remainder of the day on the couch watching every single game that was on. Way to keep the Sabbath holy, huh? I made Sam a yummy steak, green beans, mashed potatoes with bacon (I was REALLY in a bacon mood that weekend), and buttery croissants. I have included some pictures of this for your enjoyment. That, and to prove that I really do still cook sometimes! :)

All in all Sam had a lot of fun. He even said the other night "I miss my birthday weekend". YES! A full month later and he still remembers it with glee... I did my job! :)
Happy Birthday McBabens! I'm glad you were born! :)


Sam said...

I am very lucky man who has such a sweet wife who'll take such good care of me on my birthday. And boy, oh boy, can she cook. For anyone who doubts how well she cooks please refer to the photos of myself in the hike blog.

Cody & Nicole said...

I am really glad we were part of your birthday Sam! Although, I kind of wish we could have been a part of the delicious Sunday dinner too. :) And by the way Shannon, Sam's comment about your great cooking reminded me... I'm still waiting for some of those famous biscuits and gravy! :)

...And I still stand firm about how cute and awesome those halloween oreos were! C'mon, you have to admit they were pretty cool. :)