Wednesday, October 3

Labor Day Hike

For Labor Day weekend, Sam decided he wanted to do something outdoors. I thought that would be fun and he found a place where you could hike some trails and they lead you to some cold springs. We were both excited to do this (some people who had done it before said the hike was really light and we figured it would be fine to do with the pregnancy) so we invited our friends Cody and Nicole to go along with us. The place was all the way in Payson, AZ - which is about 2 hours away from Phoenix - so we set out Monday morning on our fun adventure. The weather was so nice the whole way up, so we decided to get some Subway to have a picnic once we got down and dirty with nature. While we were in Subway getting our food it started raining. :( We found a local park and had our picnic in a little ramada there hoping the rain would start to clear. By the time we finished eating the rain was gone! So we headed up to the trail head. The hike was not so much a "hike" as it was a "walk" down to some springs. Some very cold springs. The boys got in the water right away. Nicole and I stayed back for a bit and then decided we would get in too. She was a lot braver than I was! That water was soooooo cold. For those who know what I'm talking about, I'm talking Lake Wakaiva cold! Yikes! Nicole said we'd jump in on the count of 3. She had to count to three about ten times before she finally just took me by the hand and pulled me in with her. Thanks Nicole! I froze in the water for a little, but we didn't stay in for very long. We instead decided to go on a wild goose chase for some waterfalls Sam swore were there (that we never found). Now the hike down to the springs may have been easy enough, but our search for the waterfalls lead us on some really exciting paths!!! My camera died about halfway through our adventure, so I didn't get to capture some of the more beautiful sites, but luckily Nicole took some great shots and put them on her blog!

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Sam said...

Oh man did it feel great to finally be back in some mountains. How I miss the Rockies.

Cody & Nicole said...

I think my favorite picture is the "Awww the boys are friends." That made me laugh really hard, plus it is a really cute picture. That day was so much fun! We need to get out in nature again soon!