Saturday, February 23

Superbowl Saturday

Everyone knows the Superbowl was held here in Glendale this year, but what you may not know is that they set up a sort of Superbowl theme park called the NFL Experience at the stadium for a week before the actual game. They have different tents with all sorts of activities from NFL autograph signings to kids arenas where the kids get coached and play football. They bring some of the NFL Hall of fame memorabilia to check out, plus they set up different photo ops. They really had some cool stuff. Anyway, we decided to take David there the Saturday before the big game. Grandma and Grandpa Banks were down visiting for David's blessing, so they came too! Sam and his dad were excited like little boys the second we approached the stadium.

The first tent we went to had all kinds of plaster imprints of player's hands, feet, arms, legs, etc. We found out two very interesting things:

One: Edgerrin James has some freakishly small feet

Yes, those are my feet - not Sam's - and they are the exact same size as his. Edgerrin James wears a women's size 7 1/2. Which is about man's size 6.

And two: Jerome Bettis has some freakishly large thighs.

Yes, my son is the size if Jerome Bettis' butt.

It was amusing to watch the reactions of the standers-by as we continually took out David for increasingly more hilarious pictures. We had a lot of "awwwwww"s, but as the night continued we got more and more looks of horror and disdain that we would subject our child to such torture, and you will see why shortly. I don't know why people were so uptight. Some folks just don't have a sense of humor!

All three of us got signed on to the Cardinals. Can you believe it?

And Steve Young...

Got even younger!

And sexier!

I of course had to support my team!

But I wasn't quite tall enough. Boo.

We tried to make David into a Giants fan like his mommy,

But he didn't really care for them.

Sam's accountant side came through in the Hall of Fame

Can you believe that? $1375 for a professional football player's income? They've come a loooooong way!

But his football loving side made an appearance as well.

This is Joe Montana's signed Superbowl football from when he won his MVPs. Cool, huh?

Sam's favorite thing was being able to see the Vince Lombardi trophy up close. It was the actual trophy to be awarded to the Giants the very next day. Sam was really excited about being that close to something so historic. The line to actually have your picture taken next to it was about an hour long, so we cheated and took a picture from the back of the case. I think Sam was a little disappointed, but I didn't want to wait in line that long. I feel really bad about that now. Sorry babe!

They also had a big blowup Lombardi trophy that didn't have a line to stand in front of, so Sam, Jerry and David got to pose in front of that.

David got hungry right around this time so we stopped to feed him. I guess being around all the football stuff made David feel like a manly man, because he decided to show off his strength by holding his bottle all by himself.

This is not a joke. It's a real live photo, and no it has not been photoshopped. And no we did not have his bottle propped up on anything. He's seriously just holding it. It was the craziest thing!

After David had his dinner we headed off to take more pictures. There was a tent that had recreated the lockers of different NFL players, and we figured we'd get a picture in front of one. We had really only looked at Giants stuff while we were there, and when deciding which locker to pose in front of, Sam said, "Honey I know the Giants are your favorite team, but don't you think we should get at least one picture by something belonging to the winning team?"

Ha ha ha. Shows what he knows!

Now here's where we started getting funny looks. I honestly don't know's not like we were doing anything wrong. Like I said, some people have no sense of humor.

David reviews the last play before overturning the fumble.

I think his little bum is so cute sicking out of the booth. So funny.

Sam and David scored a surprising touchdown...

And the Giants ran the Heisman with a cute little Chubs!

All in all it was a really fun day. Thanks for joining us on our Superbowl adventure!!!


Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

Oh my gosh, I love it!!! I agree that some people are way too uptight. I love the pictures especially the one of the football player carrying David like a football. Very funny. It looks like you had so much fun, I wish we had something fun like that happening here in Boise.

Shelley said...

I laughed hard...really hard! I'm glad we have the same sense of humor. And why is that little boy so stinking cute?!?! Miss you!

Mom said...

I agree with the so stinking cute!! Looks like you guys had a blast__great Super Bowl adventure, pics were really funny and super cute. I guess everyone was just thinking Sam 'Michael Jackson' Banks! :)

Heddy said...

Those are the funniest pictures I've ever seen. My favorite is of David reviewing the play hahaha. And last night I was watching Shrek 3 and there is a part where the fairy tale creatures get Fiona a baby present and its a little baby holder thing that goes around your shoulders and the gingerbread man is in it and he says something like "I know the baby will love it cause I sure do" and for some reason it totally reminded me of Sam, maybe the way he talks, but I laughed for like 5 minutes. YOu should watch it, its soo funny. THis is long, but I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

He's a Banks of course he can hold up his own bottle at 2 months.

jenn said...

That looked like alot of fun... and that picture of David reviewing the play...hillarious!!! I laughed so hard! I love that he is holding up his bottle..he is just growing up so fast! Miss and love you guys!

Anonymous said...

woow... I must be the worst friend ever. I can't believe I haven't called about Hayden. he is waaaaaay cute... course I always knew the reproductive capacity of you two was very high yield. um.. welll we need to get into touch bad. I hope we talk soon. well it's fun to see that you two are doing so well. miss you guys...and Samwise... lets talk soon. love ya man. maaan..I'm handy capped for sure..I think I've tried to send this like five times. I must not be a professional blogger eh.

Anonymous said...
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Andrus Family said...

That looks like your old man Sam- nicely done. Three generations of the finest blood I know of.

Joe Skousen said...

Sammy & Shannon! I'm not gonna lie. Christa & I are kinda wanting a little David now. So don't be surprised when we're copying your guys' funny baby posts.


PS - Part A.... Shannon remember the Pink Floyd song... dum, dum, dum, dum, dum...blingy, blingy... Yeah, we loved hearing it on the Blog..

PS - Part B.... Please excuse my brother.... When he says Hayden, what he really means is Samuel David... also known as David.... (slowly shaking head)... Jaime has always had a rough time with that :)

Ashley and Nate said...

Thanks for saying Paige is cute. :) We adore her. David is adorable also. He looks like both of you. We are so excited for our cruise. Neither of us have been on one before and we've always wanted to. They aren't too expensive at all! I was surprised. I hope we can get together at some point and see you guys and David. Maybe you should move to WA. Or we'll move to AZ since the weather sounds a heck of a lot nicer there.

Greg & Kortney Manning said...

Hi- This is a very RANDOM comment left for you, but I went to high school with Sam and had to say Hi! Tell him it's Kortney (Snow). First-Your baby is SO CUTE! Congrats! Also, we too live in AZ in Mesa, so small world! I didn't really have much more to say, except that it was fun to find this blog! Take care-

Ashley and Nate said...

I'm waiting for an update!! What's new with the Banks family?

Chris & Brittany said...

C'mon..I know your not busy with a new born or anything, but I want some updates on here! And, when you get a chance will you email me that info on the scrapbook pages? Your the best...

jenn said...

hey...where are you guys... I need my david fix! How much does he weigh now??

Tu Hermanita favorita said...

?Donde esta la familia Banks? Quiero ver mas David! Tu hermanita favorita le pierde. Abrazo abrazo beso beso