Monday, April 7

It's all relative

While I don't believe my sister and I look anything alike:

I think our babies look so similar they could be siblings, not cousins:

What do you think? Do you see the similarities??? Hilarious.
And, just in case any of you were under the false impression that those cheeks of his come from Sam, think again!!!
This is my sister's baby.

And here's mine:

Looks like those jowls are a Cook gene!


Shelley said...

hahahahaha! cook gene is right! i can't believe the similarities when they are side by side. and LOVE that david is looking at sam with the same look in his eye that shaelyn is looking at maggie with. love you miss you really wanna kiss - that baby!

jenn said...

Oh I love that picture of David in the striped shirt, he has such a cute smirk on his little face. When are you guys coming out next, we miss you!!

Cody & Nicole said...

Wow! They seriously do look so much alike! All but the eyes. But those chin and cheeks are identical. How fun!

Grammy said...

Hilarious! What cute comparisons__I have gorgeous grandbabies! And I still think the one of Sam and David is precious__it tugs at my heartstrings.