Wednesday, September 10

Favorite Thing #1: LAY OFF ME...I'M STARVING!

I know David's slender and lanky physique can be misleading, but David actually has quite the appetite. He really loves to eat. Anything. And everything. Even things that aren't food. Like maybe feathers. In fact the phrase Sam and I hear ourselves saying most often around the house is "because everything goes in the mouth".

Example #1:
David sits in the corner "patting" a case of wipes. He figures out how to open said case and begins to pull out the contents in their entirety.
Sam walks in the door and says "why is David sucking on a wet wipe?"
Me: "because everything goes in the mouth"

Example #2:
Sam comes home from a grueling day at the office and sits to watch some t.v. Tries the remote. Nothing.
Sam: "Honey, why is the remote not working?"
Me: "Because everything goes in the mouth"

Example #3:
My best girlfriend is moving to Hong Kong. She has a week and half left in the states, during which I would like to speak with her as often as possible. I talk to her once during the week and a half she is still in the U.S. After moving to Hong Kong, I get a call that goes something like this:
Nicole: "Hey, I tried calling you several times but couldn't ever get through."
Me: "Yeah, sorry. My phone wasn't working because the microphone had gotten too wet. I had to wait for it to dry out before it was operable again."
Nicole: "Oh, why was is all wet?"
Me: "because (say it with me) everything goes in the mouth."

That being said, the next several photos and videos are all of things that SHOULD be put in Bubby's mouth. Maybe I'll sit him down to look at this post so he can see what he should eat and what he shouldn't. Or maybe he'll just put his face on the keyboard to see which keys will go in his mouth.

You're going to have to deal with just videos for the time bieng; for some reason I can't upload my photos. Check back for them later!

This is David's first taste of real people food.

Here is David eating some cheese. If you're not family you'll probably want to skip this one. It's not that exciting.

This video is to illustrate what happens when David doesn't get his food right when he wants it. And also the soothing effects of spinach. If you're not family I recommend only watching the first few seconds. Nothing really happens after that.

This is David's first (and last) drumstick. Hilarious. Don't mind my insane case of the giggles (if only I could edit that out).

And finally, this is David feeding himself (watch how proud of himself he is).

Like I said, I have pictures coming, but this will have to do for now. Please - no comments about how I'm a terrible mother for giving my baby these foods. This is not his diet. These are one time incidents. Well, the cereal is a daily occurence. But not the ice cream. Anayway, stay tuned for pictures of more funny foods!


j said...

Oh he is just the cutest thing ever. I watched these videas with Hayden on my lap and she loved seeing david, she just screamed the whole time. Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Shannon and Brad said...

These are cute videos! Gavin loves icecream, cheese and peaches too!

Nicole said...

Ha ha ha -- soo funny. I watched all the videos... mostly because David is so dang cute, but partly because they are educating me for what lies ahead. :)

First of all, I cannot believe how much he enjoyed the spinach--I like spinach, but that stuff just does not look good. Secondly, I love how he gets so excited and starts jumping up and down in the bouncer. Hilarious. And what's wrong with feeding him ice cream??? I say give him another. Especially because I am so impressed by how well he can hold it and get it to his mouth. Amazing. That was way too funny!

The Oswalds said...

Yay, I love cute baby videos. When I read the caption for the drumstick video, I thought you were feeding him a chicken drumstick and got a little scared. Thanks goodness it was only ice cream! I have a picture of Cohen eating one of those at the same age. Such a cutie!

h-ba said...

I just heard the news and am so excited!!! David is getting good at the whole cereal thing. love you guys.

Shelley said...

i love david grabbing the spoon from you shannon and practically nursing it. hilarious. and the fact that he looks straight at the camera. and i forgot you were left handed, so i was wondering why it looked so weird to me at first, and then i remembered that you were feeding him with your left hand. and shaelyn kept saying "baby" the whole time we were watching these videos. and i feed shaelyn cheetos. she's eating some right now.

Mary Ann & Joe Mackey said...

You know what? I have come to the same conclusion, he is the cutest baby! No joke. So cute!