Monday, September 15

What?? You mean THIS cat??

This will blow your mind:

You're a winner!

If you don't quite know what to do with this, keep watching it until you do. I promise you'll find it worth your while.

Oh and Dad...this is for you:


Mom said...

Space Olympics...hilarious! I had already seen much of the Palin/Clinton clip, but not the whole thing__it was great__thanks. Did you watch SNL Saturday after you got back?

Shelley said...

"we don't cover incidentals" and "all other events are pending". classic. oh andy sandburg. please never get so big you leave snl and all the digital shorts you've made so famous. the chronic-what-cles of narnia. you know what i'm talking about. true dat, double true!

ps - poor michael phelps struggling through every sketch. hopefully all the girls in america who have a crush on him (are there some? i'm sure there are...) weren't watching.

pps - tina fey looks just like sarah palin.

ppps - amy pohler is always hilarious when she's playing hillary.

pppps - rick, rick, rick, rick!!!

Hailey Broadbent said...

Oh, Shannon. There aint no woman who could take your spot, my love.

Mary Ann & Joe Mackey said...

Um...uh...there is only one word I can think of to describe the Space Olympics video...painful! Never again! That was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I just kept watching like you said and it just got weirder! I love that video of Tina Fay. She did her so well it was scary! Thanks for the laughs.

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...



Destiny=you guys
Entertainer=us guys

j said...

You guys live here now....YEAH!!!! I love being able to see you all everyday if we wanted to. By the way, you need to come running with us in the morning. You are St. Georgians, I love it!!!

Nicole said...

hey!! how are you guys?? I can't wait to hear about the move and new place and all... we are packing today and moving to Taipei tomorrow. I hope we can skype again soon... Love ya!

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

We just got back from NYC. We had to do something to get Calvin to perk up from missing David. Please bless you start blogging about St. George. Because this "not having the internet" excuse is not gonna fly with us. We're BFFs, remember?