Friday, November 28

My Baby is a Genius!!!

Seriously, any time David does anything new, it makes me think he's the smartest thing in the whole world. Then I realize that all babies do it. And that he's sucking on the end of a plugged in charger. So maybe not so much.

But, be that as it may, David still deserves some credit for his latest trick - walking! He's actually been doing it for about 2 weeks, and he's a lot better at it now, but I've been sick for a while and have neglected everything. I had a starving husband, a messy house, and a lonely blog. But I'm better now - the house is clean, hubby is fed, and now the blog is getting a bit of attention.

Sorry it took so long for me to post this - I know there are several of you out there who have been getting impatient. Thanks for sticking it out. Here it is.

I apologize in advance. These videos are not very good, so you're sure to be disappointed. And they were also filmed sideways so you'll have to tilt your head. Sorry. I wasn't really thinking about the blog when I was recording.

You'll have to tilt your head the other way for this one.

And here's another new thing he does. It may be my favorite. I think it's so cute. Just watch....he's so smart! :)

Oh, you won't have to tilt your head for this one.

So there's our cute boy, all growed up! And here's some pictures just because.


grammy said...

Love the plugged in charger...hehehe! Walking is so stinking cute & what were you coaxing him with...hmmm reminds me of the dog. My favorite by far though is him pointing to himself because he knows his name...he is a genius!!! Also, what a cute that a tatoo sleeve on his

Nicole said...

Wow! He is the cutest thing ever!! I cannot believe he is walking--I still think of him as a six month old, so I look at those videos and laugh at such a young baby walking! Yep, he pretty much is brilliant--I gasped at the last video--that is amazing. What a smart, smart boy -- just like the parents. Thank you for updating -- I just LOVE seeing you guys. And I also love how cute and excited you are for David walking - I am the same way.

Oh, and PS you can use Windows Movie Maker to rotate your videos before you post them - just in case you are interested. :)

h-ba said...

I miss David, but glad I'll be home for 2 weeks on the 20th and you live in stg. yay!!!

Shelley said...

yay! he is a great first walker. i love it!! and i also laughed out loud at "we think he's so smart, and then i find a plugged in charger in his mouth". or "i find him with the rotary saw...". sam looks genuinely scared of david the pirate. or maybe not. cutest pirate i ever did see.

j said...

I can't get over how cute he is...I love the picture of him in his highchair with food all over his face...classic!!!

Hailey Broadbent said...

I just heard that you didn't appreciate Twilight. And you know what? I think you are crazy.

Broadobalds said...

Are you preggers? Come on, fess up.

Shannon said...

Wait, what? Do I look fat or something? Because I'm still working on the belly from baby number one you jerk!!!!

Shannon and Brad said...

He is so darn cute!