Tuesday, November 18

Favorite thing #2: "I was screeching and screeching at him!"

Some time ago I decided that would have "David's favorite things" posts, and after I did one, I neglected to do any more. Well, it's back.

David's favorite thing #2 is yelling. He really really loves to yell. Actually, he likes anything that makes inordinate amounts of noise. "Patting" (more accurately - slapping), shaking, scraping, banging, and shouting. He loves all of them.

So...turn off my playlist, turn up the volume, and listen to David's glorious voice. Like music to my ringing ears.

Here he is telling a step ladder who's boss. Don't know why he was yelling at it, but apparently it needed a good firm "talking to".

This one makes me laugh every time I watch it. He had started doing this thing with his mouth like a fish - where he would open and close it without making any noise. I tried to capture it on video, and then he just randomly started yelling. Couple that with his chubby little body just chillin' in his high chair all gangsta' style, and I bet it will make you laugh, also.

Now we'll combine yelling with another of his favorite things- his best buddy Calvin Broadbent (he's my best friend, da da da da da da, he's my best friend, da da da da da). Not as much yelling as some of the other videos per se, but just as much ooey gooey cuteness!

This one was captured while David was drunk - or so it would seem. This is his new yell, but it is slightly interrupted by a bad case of the hiccups. And then he apparently forgot how to crawl.

And now for one of MY favorite things - Bubby laughing. This is my all time favorite video. Sam makes fun of me because I watch it all the time, but it just never gets old to me. He has never laughed this hard ever except for this one time, and I just happened to get it on camera. I love this little lunker.


Shelley said...

sister - love the new videos! what good are friends for if you can't yell at them 6 inches from their face while they're restrained in a jumperoo? LOVE IT! and also love that he's in just his diaper in every one of the videos. shaelyn laughed hysterically every time he did. and she kept saying "david" through every video. so maybe she'll still get a chance to know who her cousins are even if she never sees them!

ps - michael watched the "pumpkin" video with me and laughed out loud too when you got to the john mccain pumpkin. ahh, all the classic moments. wish you lived closer, sister!

j said...

I love it I love it....the one of him laughing is so cute, that is the most expression I have seen from him ever. I also loved that he would laugh so hard and then just stop and give you his serious face!! I can't get enough of him!!!

grammy said...

It's the long sustained yelling that makes it even more hilarious...he's the cutest boy ever! And he and Calvin are more entertaining than monkeys in the zoo. Love, love, love the 'fish gasp' face and also the intake that chokes him...hehehe. I'm with Jenny on the rapid transformation from dying laughing to dead serious and back...and how hilarious is it that you feed him, then make him laugh...happy spews!

Nicole said...

OHmygosh. He is so dang cute. I miss seeing his chubby little face and chubbly little legs on our outings. That laugh is a killer-I would watch it over and over too. So now I want to know how old he is in each of those. I can't keep up with him. He looks like he is standing so well--probably be walking soon, eh? What is he up to now? He will be one next month, right? CRAZY!!! I can't wait to see you guys!

Grandpa Banks said...

I love that laugh!!! It is fun to hear him laugh so much. It was fun to see him walk the other day.