Monday, April 20

My Eight Things

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

1. the Gospel

2. my Family - being a mom and wife

3. food (eating)

4. food (cooking)

5. music - dancing to it, singing to it, listening to it, all of it. I love music.

6. being anti-trend diet. There's nothing I hate more than people losing weight in really trendy, unhealthy ways. Just eat healthy people...for life!

7. bone-in-meats. Yum.

8. shoes

8 Words/Phrases I Use Often:

1. Ahhh, piss (I am trying to stop using this phrase. I hate it. If you have any good replacements let me know by leaving them in the comments section).

2. No, no, no

3. Say "MAMA"...please?

4. What do you want to eat?

5. I'm hungry.

6. If I don't eat something right now I'm going to throw up.

7. If I don't eat something right now I'm going to pass out (funnily enough, 5, 6 & 7 are not limited to pregnancy use. They are pretty much staples in my phraseology - always).

8. Good boy!!

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Have lots and lots of chillin's

2. Go on a second honeymoon

3. learn to play guitar

4. Perform with a local theater somewhere. In a musical. In a lead role. Where I could sing AND dance.

5. get my degree

6. learn Spanish

7. go on a mission

8. Own a house. And paint the walls all kinds of fun colors.

8 Things I Want/Need:

1. My hair cut

2. To own every shoe I've ever wanted

3. A really amazing food storage complete with bomb shelter, guns and ammo, first aid, clothing, really anything I'd ever need to be completely self sufficient

4. a garden

5. for Trevor to get here because I want to meet him so bad!!!

6. to hear David say my name

7. a new car - both Sam's and my cars are really old and ghetto. Paid for, but really old and ghetto.

8. to stop gaining 20 pounds a day. :(

8 Things I Have Learned From the Past:

1. Just. Stop. Talking. (actually, I haven't really learned that one yet. Sorry anyone who has ever known me)

2. There are a bajillion things in life that I don't want to do. Turns out no one else wants to do them either. It's the strong, successful people that just do them anyway.

3. If you believe something, live it. If you don't believe something, don't pretend you do. If you don't know what to believe, study and pray until you figure it out.

4. You may be excited to have your baby, but just wait until he's ready to come on his own. Pitocin is no fun. Especially when it doesn't work.

5. You absolutely can get pregnant while nursing. Even if you weren't able to get pregnant before.

6. Living the gospel is the only way to achieve true happiness and joy.

7. Don't let your husband come to the OB visit where they tell you that you can't have sushi when you're pregnant. If he hears that, he'll think the doctor somehow knows better than your tummy. And he really won't let you eat sushi for nine months.

8. If something seems like the WORST thing ever, just change your perspective and the exact same thing will suddenly seem like a blessing.

8 Restaurants I Love:

1. This little golf course clubhouse in Mesquite that has honestly the best steak (next to Cork and Cleaver, but I'm not in Phoenix anymore...sniff).

2. Any sushi place

3. Cafe Rio (for their pork...anything)

4. Wing Stop (lemon pepper and hot buffalo wings, and their amazing fries)

5. Red Robin (bottomless steak fries and endless pomegranate blueberry limeade??? Yes, please!)

6. I don't know what it's called, but there's this cute little Vietnamese place right by our house that is so adorable and very delish.

7. Delux Burger (this delicious burger place in Phoenix that had the BEST gourmet burgers, sweet potato fries, and spicy garlic aioli. Mmmmmmm)

8. Anything that's all you can eat. Gross, I know. But not really.

8 Shows I Love to Watch:

1. Arrested Development


3. 30 Rock

4. The Unit

5. Top Chef

6. Flight of the Conchords

7. SNL (mostly the digital shorts...or anything with Andy Samberg. And Kristin Wiig)

8. The Office

8 People I Tag:

1. Nicole

2. Shelley

3. Jenna (yes...I know you hate these. Humor me)

4. Hailey

5. B-Money

6. Ashley

7. Steph

8. Anyone else that hasn't done it that wants to do it (sorry if you are part of that group and I didn't put you on here. There were only 8 slots)

I know, it's a crappy post, but a good one's coming. I promise. I'm just waiting until I put pictures on it.


The Oswalds said...

Ugh I miss Cafe Rio like no other. I hear ya - I could not control my hunger/weight gain with the second pregnancy. Good thing these little babies are so stinkin cute to make is so worth it. We're so excited for you guys!

Nicole said...

Yep, this is the Shannon I know and love. I am once again reminded of why we get along so beautifully. Let me know when you are available to skype--we can't let the month go by without talking!

Heather said...

So Allen says you remind him of Mary Poppins. haha. I about died laughing when he told me. I guess its your killer british accent and your excitement(eh hem surprise lady) about life.
I'm getting my endowments out at 7:20 on May 12th. I definitely want you and Sam there. Its just going to be immediate family.
We'll be down this weekend so get ready to party!!

shelley said...

hey, i posted a comment earlier... where did it go? it was so awesome and witty too. now this one will just be sad in comparison.

i love your insight - funny and mature. so often i still think of you as "my little sister" (sorry!) that i forget you're a grown, married women and a momma of two! you rock. i love you!

Brittany said...

Thanks, Shannon!

nadia shea said...

haha my mom met Julia Roberts at an airport. They were waiting for their luggage at that rollabout thing. My mom looked up and said "hey, you're Julia Roberts!" Julia said "Yes I am"

My mom said she had never felt so small (not only because she is literally a foot smaller than Julia Roberts)

David and Melissa said...

Hey Shannon,

I must ask about this:

Sam is currently: thoroughly enjoying his new job in Mesquite, NV; feeling like a tool driving his newly acquired 2 seater convertible.

Is this a new job? And what does his new car look like?? Sounds like you guys are doing great!

Shannon said...

Ha ha ha. Sam was so mad when I put that on there and told me I had to take it off. :) It is a new job, and yes, we still live in St. George. So he's commuting. The "newly acquired car" is actually not ours. It's just a long commute and neither of our cars are really equipped to handle it daily, so we figured we'd buy a new car. But the job started so quickly and we didn't want to buy a car that fast without throrough research, so we just took over the payment for his mom's miata convertible. He's just using it until we get a new car, and then his mom will take the car back. But for right now he's driving this little girly 2 seater convertible. Hilarious. Like I said, he feels like a tool.

David and Melissa said...

Oh shannon... I really appreciate the laugh. I can just picture Sam driving it. poor guy. so funny!

Mom said...

Late comment but this has to be said...8 things you're passionate about needs to be restructured...who are you kidding with shoes at number 8-let's move the two food categories into one at number 3, music up to number 4 and shoes into number 5 although it comes close to a tie with number 4!!! And of course amen to Cafe Rio!