Tuesday, May 5

Um...this kinda sucks.

Okay, I realize that I probably complain a lot. I don't really take things too seriously, so sometimes it's fun to complain just because I can laugh about it. I think it's rare for me to seriously complain about something in a way that's not poking fun (I don't know, maybe you all disagree, and that's okay too). But allow me a moment to do just that.

This. Pregnancy. Totally. Sucks.

There. I said it.

Most of you will remember that with David I was deathly ill for about 7.5 of the 9 months I was pregnant. Yuck. I remember thinking that I would never have any more kids if that's how all my pregnancies turned out. It really was miserable. But on the plus side, I never really had any of the pain, stretch marks, pain, weight gain, or PAIN associated with pregnancy. So big perk for me.

Now, fast forward to Trevor. I was sick for maybe two weeks, and admittedly I do get sick from time to time but it's for a day or two and then it passes. This pregnancy has been so easy breezy it's not even funny. Until now. I am now soooooo huge and sooooo pregnant that everything hurts. And this whole "I don't get stretch marks when I'm pregnant" thing? Uh, yeah. We won't even talk about that. But the worst part is that now I really am in such severe pain that often times I don't even move all day besides to change David's diaper. Like the kind of pain that makes you cry. Also, the kind of pain - I'm finding out - that causes contractions. The OB says you should go to the hospital to get a non-stress test if you have 4 or more contractions in an hour. Ummmmmmmmmm..........what if I'm having more than 10 in an hour?? For several hours?? That don't go away when I lay down and drink water?? Because that's what's been happening for the last week or two. I will have consistent contractions every four minutes for 2 or more hours. Several times a day.

So if it's been happening for 2 weeks, why post about it now? - you ask. Well, that's a great question. I'll tell you.

Yesterday I went on a grocery run. Should take about an hour, right? Wrong. Took me 3 and a half. "Why?" you ask? Because just the process of walking down the aisles was giving me such bad contractions I had to continuously stop and rest. Until...wait for it....they got so bad they made me throw up. Yup, you heard right. I had to take my 17 month old into a dirty public restroom with me not once, not twice, but THRICE, so that mommy could puke.

Now I know those of you who have been pregnant before are probably laughing at me right now saying "that's how pregnancy is! You should know this - you've already had one. Stop being such a whiny baby". And you're right. I need to suck it up. But all of this is so foreign to me. I didn't have any of this pain with David (because I never gained enough weight to really feel the effects of pregnancy). So it is really taking me by surprise.

Anyway, that's my rant. Feel free to make fun of me all you like in the comments section. I feel like a total weenie-wuss. So I will be good natured about any fun you'd like to poke. Or tell me about your stories and we'll commiserate. That's all for now. I'm off to take a bubble bath and cry.


Ashley and Nate said...

Wow, that sounds pretty bad. I'm not gonna make fun because I never had it that bad. The first 3 months were rough for me, but after that it was pretty smooth. Sorry about the pain and contractions. Maybe you'll have him a little early and the misery will end. But not too early... that's no good. I can't remember how far along you are.

Melissa L. said...

Well, I must admit I don't feel too bad for you on the weight gain and stretch marks. I remember about 3 weeks after David was born you were back into your pre-pregnancy jeans and I couldn't even put pants on at all! (Even now I'm still a size too big for my pre-Andrew jeans.)

But I truly feel sorry for you about the pain and the puking. This is random, but is there any chance you have kidney stones? I'll describe my experience - partly to sympathize, and partly so you can see if it sounds similar. I found out last summer that I had several, one of which was quite large, and I finally understood what caused the occasional HORRIFIC pain while I was pregnant. It felt a lot like contractions plus back labor that lasted for at least a day or two, and similar to your pain, it made me throw up. I actually went to the hospital twice for it and both times they gave me a shot to stop the contractions.

Anyway, it's at least worth looking into if you think that's a possibility. Or maybe it's something completely different. Either way, I sure hope it gets better for you soon! You had enough awfulness with your first pregnancy to last a lifetime!

shelley said...

sorry sister. and sorry i had to rush off the phone today too. no fun for either of us!!!!

and you're allowed to post how miserable you are. see EVERY post i wrote from 6 months on with rachelle. i was in "labor" from 25 weeks on. and FOR REAL labor from 34 weeks on. NOT FUN!!!

so totally hear you - been there myself. and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. hopefully trevor will get here early - and be an angel like rachelle! :)

David and Melissa said...

I totally agree with you. I had contractions that started few months before I had Sophie that had me on the floor. Jackson would get really worried and cry because mommy was dying. So you carry on with your complaining. When are you going to get another chance to do so with so many understanding people to read about it.

christie moulton said...

Oh sweetie! I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time!! I know we haven't talked in forever, but call me ANYTIME you need to complain to someone...heck, at least then I could feel useful in my purposeless, unemployed existence! Love ya!! <3

Nicole said...

Oh, Shannon! Don't cry, because it makes me cry! I am sooo sorry you are so miserable! You definitely have the right to complain, and you have the right to make Sam go to KFC, Burger King, Wing Stop, and Taco Bell all in the same night to help you feel better. Just make sure he stops off at Cold Stone so you have something sweet to top it off with. I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering you are going through. My only question: why did you keep grocery shopping?? You are a strong woman, my friend. I think I would have given up on it after just having the idea--I don't think I would have even got my lazy body out the door. So You are amazing. Period. Keep sacrificing for this beautiful baby boy you are bringing into the world, because it will be more than worth it and you will definitely see many blessings for the pain you are going through right now. And keep up the good work because the world will be better off being populated with Team Salmon offspring. Love you girl, I hope you get feeling better sooner than after.

Christa Skousen said...

Oh Shannon you have every right to complain!! That pain sounds awful. Pregnancy is tough--no one should sugar coat that. I love how sometimes people treat pregnancy and having a baby like its no big deal. Well IT IS a BIG deal. After I gave birth I felt like there should be a moment of silence in my honor or something :) I mean come on it was tough!