Friday, October 2

Archie's HERE!!!!!!!

My beautiful sister in law Jenny had her little baby boy yesterday! We are all so excited. She went in to the hospital yesterday morning after having had contractions all night starting at 2:30. Her husband Nick had to drive down from Boise, Idaho but he made it in time to see the birth of their boy, Archibald Nelson! Archie was turned kinda funny I guess so when he was born he had a little bit of a rough start, but after they got some oxygen in him and put him on mommy's tummy, he got some color back in him and soon was nursing like a champ! Way to go, bud!

Because of this whole swine flu thing, the hospital won't allow visitors for the mom and new baby, so we have to wait until Jenny and the fam come home before we can see the new bundle. Boo! :( I did however get a cute little picture text of his mug so this will be the only picture for right now.

While J was in the hospital I had the pleasure of watching her cute little girl, who just happens to be David's best friend (it's so fun, Jenny and I got pregnant within just a couple months of each other both times, so we have little cousins that are the same age. Hayden and David are just 28 days apart, and Trevor and Archie are exactly 3 months). Since I don't have any pictures of the new baby, I figured I'd post what big sister did while Archie was making his way into this world!

Since Hayden came early in the morning, they had breakfast together.
David's in this big mimicking stage right now, and at one point during breakfast Hayden said "bot". Not sure what it means, but David apparently thought it was important because he said it back to her. Then an exchange ensued, each one repeating the word "bot". I guess it was an inside joke. I didn't really get it. Anyway, here's a clip:

They were cracking one another up by shouting at each other. It was pretty funny. It went on for about 15 minutes:

It then escalated to this, which Jenny will probably be upset that I allowed to happen more than once, but David thought it was hilarious:

Sorry Jenny - if she starts screaming through dinner it's my fault.

A couple times I'd be doing something else and I'd realize it had been quiet for a while. A little too long in fact. So I'd go looking for them. One of the times this is how I found them:

After about 4 1/2 hours I surveyed my house and upon seeing the effects of Hurricane David and Tropical Storm Hayden, I realized if I wanted my house to ever be clean again we would need to take the party outside. So we played with chalk and drew on the driveway. They had so much fun and requested a lot of funny things for me to draw. I am quite the arteest, as you will observe from this next set of pictures.

Hayden and David are quite talented as well.

The artists:

The art:

The reason we brought the party back inside:

I guess being individually adorable wasn't enough for them, because they decided to join forces and attack me with a level of adorability the likes of which I have never seen. I was not prepared.

Dang they're cute. Nana came and Hayden and David's little playdate ended. But not before they got a little of this in:

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(david has seriously watched this a hundred times)

So, WELCOME LITTLE ARCHIE! Congratulations Nick and Jenny! And thanks for letting me have big sister for the day!


Grammy said...

Absolutely hilarious!!! They definitely are a pair...LOVED the jibjab...beyond hilarious!!!!! You failed to tell me WHY you were watching Hayden-congrats Nick & Jenny on another beautiful addition to the St. George clan : )

Nicole said...

I watched the first video--hilarious! Then I hear Jadyn yell from her breakfast seat, "it's Bot!" Apparently it is some toddler secret that they all know about. I love their "conversation" back and forth, so adorable they can communicate and make each other laugh without words! They ARE SO cute!

Love the little diaper bums sticking out from the blinds--immediately makes me smile!! Then to top it off with David leading her around holding hands--I don't think it can get any more adorable!!!

shelley said...

laughed out loud at the following parts:

* your chalk drawings (especially the giraffe)
* the drawings on the wall and window
* hurricane david and tropical storm hayden
* naked toddlers
* the whole jib jab video, including some sweet moves by david and the fact that hayden's arm comes out of socket three times and implants itself in her face

BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!!! this is good stuff!

shelley said...

oh yeah, and "the likes of which i had never before seen"

good job jack black!!!

Jennifer said...

First of all, thank you...thank you...thank you for watching Hayden on such short notice. Those videos were too funny, I have no idea what "bot" is but Hayden was watching the video with me and started saying it. They are the best of friends, I loved the fact that they were walking around holding hands, when you texted me that I could not stop laughing. Now you you guys just need to come over and see Archie. thanks again.

Brittany said...

I know your day was quite eventful... You're a great mommy and aunt. It looks like the two of them enjoyed themselves. Archie is beautiful. Congrats to Nick and Jenny!

Jerry Banks said...

That makes me laugh. I am amazed at how much they love each other. And You are a good mom and a good aunt.

Shannon said...

Awww! So cute.