Thursday, March 11

Spiritual Sundays

Every Sunday when we come come from church, Sam and I like to ask David what he learned in nursery. He usually tells us "BUBBLES!!!", as the last 15 minutes or so of nursery, the leader will turn on a bubble machine and the kids get to run around and pop them. This usually results in me having to chase David down in my dress and high heels and then drag him screaming out of nursery. What can I say? The boy loves bubbles!

Anyway, this Sunday we came home and asked him "David, what did you learn about in nursery today?"

To which he responded "ummmmm......cubunents" (covenants)

Sam and I were very shocked, to say the least, at David's forthcoming information. So we decided to press further. "Covenants, David? What else?"

David: "and goldfish."

Okaaayyyyy, we might have gotten off track there. Let's get him refocused, we're kinda curious about this whole covenants thing.

Us: "David, you learned about covenants in nursery today? Tell us about that."

David: "yeah, I bite the goldfish for a snack."

Hmmmmmm. We never did hear any more about said covenants. But we did hear a great deal more about his goldfish. And you can also be sure that the bubbles made an appearance in that conversation as well. Oh well, we tried.

On a similar note, David has been praying by himself lately. He has been wanting to pray for quite some time, but it has always been just repeating what Sam or I tell him to say. The other night he opted to say his very own, very first prayer (this was Sunday at dinner). It was as follows:

"Heavenly Father...we grateful that we get sleep good...that we get dinner...and have snake (steak) the name of Jesus Christ...AMEN!"

Love it! Later that night he also opted to say the bedtime prayer. It started out okay...

"Heavenly Father...we go to go dressed (a phrase he uses that means get dressed and go outside; he has just combined them)...and for baby...and chicken nuggets..."

sweet, right? I know. Then it continued:

"and to go dressed...and for baby...and to go dressed....and for baby....and to go dressed...."

So Sam, realizing he needed a little nudge because the record was skipping, decided to step in and help.

Sam: "please bless"

David: "please bless"

S: "that mommy will know"

D: "that mommy will know"

S: "how much"

D: "is that doggy in the window, WOOF WOOF!"

Amen, David. Amen.


Shannon said...

Oh how cute is this!I just filmed Gavin praying last night because it is so cute and funny. I'll to add it to a post.

Heather said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever heard. I was just talking to my mom last weekend about how sweet David sounds when prays, his own prayers would just be too much. ps. We need to plan that day o' decorating.

Jennifer said...

That just made me laugh so hard. He is so smart and so cute.

Massimo and Annalisa said...

i think i peed a little...that made my entire day"!"

Spencer and Audrey said...

TOO STINKIN' FUNNY... WOOF!!! Kids are the best. Glad you found our blog... now I just need to find a chance to update it!

Nicole said...

Hahahahahaha! That is me laughing out loud. Literally. That is waaaaayyy too funny and cute. Love that boy so much. Such a sweetie!!!

shelley said...

loved this! and i never commented on how cute and funny your sidebar pics are of all you in glasses, but they are AWESOME. you look gorgeous, david looks adorable, and trevor looks HILARIOUS!!!

Broadobalds said...


Christa Skousen said...

As I was reading your post I was just imagining David's little voice in my head. So funny! You just need a camera crew to follow David around all day to catch everything he says.

And the zebra picture MIGHT just be the cutest picture I have ever seen. Ever, Ever. (Don't tell Harrison I said that.)

Jerry Banks said...

I laughed out loud too. That is so funny. What a boy!!!
I can't wait for you guys to come to town next month. He can come see Brutus.