Saturday, February 27

It's about time!!!!!


Hello world! If you still check this (I'm talking to you, Shelley and Nicole) then you're in luck because I'm back! So there's a lot I have been wanting to blog about but it all seems so old now, so I'm not sure where to start.
Let's see, since I last posted (in OCTOBER - shame on me), we moved from St. George to Mesquite, David had his first hair cut, David turned 2!!!, Trevor learned to roll over and sit up on his own, Trevor also started laughing and eating solid foods, I got to see my best friend that I only see once a year since she lives in Taiwan (yay! love you Coley and I'm glad I got to see you!), Sam took a new job, we moved from Mesquite to Heber, Ut, Sam and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary (woot woo!), I had my (enter too young age here) birthday, not to mention Halloween, Christmas, and the New Year! And I think that's it. So, I'm sorry I haven't posted about any of that, but I'll put a little of it on here. Enjoy perusing!

David really loves movies. Well, t.v. in general. And he loves the movie Madagascar. For a period of time, every time I'd put the movie in, he'd disappear into his room for a few minutes.....

...And come out with these, ready to watch the movie with the cast in hand.

this is what he'd bring out of his room to watch Peter Pan (if you can't tell, he's holding 4 separate crocodile toys).

And this is what I'd find when he would watch Charlotte's Web.

These pictures were taken after David's first ever hair cut.

Handsome, huh? He was actually really good for his haircut. He thought it was so funny that I was cutting his hair. And for a month after, every time he saw a pair of scissors he'd say "mommy cut the hair".

(If you can't remember how long his hair was before, here it is...)

We did dress up for Halloween even though we never posted about it, and I have been pestered and nagged by every relative I know to post pictures of it on here, so here you go. In case you don't get it, we were "jungle themed" this year, per David's request.

Cutest little zebra around

Sam's slinky elephant

I know you can't tell what I's a giraffe.

Look at that lion ROOOAAARR!

I know there haven't been any pictures of T on here so I've collected my favorite pictures of him to post. You'll soon see why we've kept him hidden from you. There are levels of cuteness here that could be considered dangerous. But don't just take my word for it.....

Who could resist those chubby little legs?

He looked cold so I put him in my sweatshirt - I love how peaceful he is!

Love this goof face!!!!

And his tongue grin!!!!

But wait for it.......
wait for it.......

MMMMMMM! I could just eat him up!!!

Even David thinks he's so cute he wants to be just like him

(this was about the extent of David's "jealousy" over having a new brother. I found him like this one day with Trevor's binky in his mouth, in Trevor's car seat, just chillaxin. Silly boy.)

So, there's a little picture update of the boys. I am currently working on another post so it shouldn't be long. Also, I'll do a completely separate post of videos. I just don't feel like doing them right now. I hope you enjoyed your visit. We sure have missed you all!


shelley said...

yipee kiy yiy yay!

first, i laughed OUT LOUD, REALLY HARD at your comment on my blog. yes, it looks like more things in this world need to be filtered. as my dear friend mad-eye moody would say, "constant vigilance!"

second, i thought you said "trevor learned to roll over and SPIT UP by himself." i was sad when i realized that wasn't true.

third, BUBBY GOT A HAIR CUT! sad tears!

fourth, those two haircut pics of david look JUST LIKE RACHELLE to me. holy cow!

fifth, glad you're back. miss you!

Nicole said...

This post made me sooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!! When I saw you updated, I thought it couldn't be true! I guess this means you still love me because apparently we can never find a good time to talk, so this is my only way to stay connected to you. Sad and happy; sad I can't talk to you all the time, happy you haven't completely given up on the blog and there is one way to see pics of you and your cute family.

I'm super glad you posted pics of the Halloween costumes still: for one, that really is THE cutest zebra I've ever seen, really; two, Sam the elephant makes me laugh every time I see him; and three, that is one sexy giraffe (and yes, I could tell what you were).

David is adorable--I love how he had the matching animals to his movies. What a smart boy! He does look so handsome with his haircut--you did a great job.

Trevor's chubby thighs squished down into tiny sneakers is probably the yummiest thing I've ever seen. What an adorable little boy!!

I was so happy I got to see you a couple times while I was in UT. I still have my sparkly toes (at least what is left of them). I think of you every time I look at them, so it makes me sad they will have to be repainted soon--I'm prolonging it as long as I can.

I hope your birthday was good; I was so sad I couldn't get a hold of you that day. I hope you at least got my message and know that I was thinking of you! Let's talk soon k. MISS YOU!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the update! Your boys are just adorable!!

Heather said...

Its been 2 weeks and I miss me some David and Trevor (and of course the two of you).

Melissa L. said...

Awww, what cute boys! :) Btw, did Sam dress Trevor for the chubby-leg pic? I think I've seen that onesie-over-pants style somewhere before. :)

The Oswalds said...

Finally and update! You have to keep up with this blogging thing because your boys are just too cute! Cohen's dino pic was taken at the Durham Museum of Life and Science. It is free for Durham residents every Wednesday!

Jennifer said...

All I have to say is...its about time!!! I feel like I haven't seen you guys in ages and I was seriously going into withdrawals, so I was oh so happy to see you posted.
Two of the cutest little boys around. That last picture of Trevor...oh my I laughed out loud at how incredibly cute he is with that little smirk of his. David just cracks me up with all his animals..he's so smart.
We need to get on skype and let the kiddos see eachother since you guys decided to move far far away.
I'm glad you're back.

Jerry Banks said...

Thanks for the pictures.They are GREAT to see.

Rob and Sara said...

I love the pictures and that last one of Trevor is adorable! Thanks for the update! :)

Jerry Banks said...

Man you have great looking boys. That smile on Trevor is so endearing.