Tuesday, May 25

I just can't get enough

I spotted these huevos rancheros over on Grapefruit's blog about a month ago and thought it would be the perfect breakfast for Mother's Day. I was right. It was the perfect breakfast. In fact, it was so good, I had two. And then I made them again the next morning. And the morning after that. And then it was 2 weeks later and I realized that I'd had them EVERY DAY except one! I can't stop eating them!

As I sat eating my runny, salty, crunchy, creamy, chewy, delectable treasure, I realized it would be selfish of me not to share it with you.

First, thank you Grapefruit for the most delicious meal ever to have graced this beautiful Earth.

Now, don't make these if you don't want to crave them night and day. Don't eat them if you don't like moaning after every bite. Don't make them if you really really HATE simple meals that taste like Heaven on a plate.

But, if you DO like all of these things, then by all means, please make my interpretation of Grapefruit's absurdly delicious Huevos Rancheros:

Fry a corn tortilla (or 6) in oil to your desired doneness (I actually like mine pretty crispy). Let rest on a paper towel and salt while it's still hot.

Spoon on a layer of black beans.

Top with an egg fried to your liking (I like mine over easy. But really, even if you don't like a runny yolk - PLEASE try one with a runny yolk just once. The dish needs it! NEEDS IT I tells ya!).
Shred a small amount of finely grated cheese on top of the piping hot egg. Then top that with diced tomatoes and avocados, a spoonful (or two) of sour cream, and chopped fresh cilantro.

Season with coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper. Take a bite and let your eyes roll into the back of your head. Yeah, it's that good.

Seriously easy, right? I know. And now you'll be eating at least one a day. You're welcome!

(For a MUCH better picture of this dish, hop on over here.)


Nicole said...

Mmmm... sounds yummy... and interesting. :) I've never had anything like this before. I have everything but the tomatoes, so I will have to give this a try very soon. ;)

One Pot Wonder said...

OMG.... O!M!G! These look amazing, and I am SO making them tomorrow. At the risk of sounding like my least favorite Food Network star... YUM-O!!!

Shannon said...

Oh my, I can't wait. Thanks so much!

ANNALISA said...

i don't have access to any of those ingredients, except tomatoes but I will try it when I come in Sept. I am staying at your house ya know...

Heather said...

Um I'm sure these eggs are great and everything, but I want to see pics of Russo, Jack, and Richard. I think I gave you a sufficient amount of time before having to say something.
Also I hope your pool is heated cause I really want to go swimming when we come tomorrow- doesn't that sound so nice right about now. Also we can bring our grill if you guys would like.

Ashley C said...

I will be trying this ASAP!

Nicole said...

Finally tried it! I had it for dinner tonight. VERY tasty. Do you eat it like a tostada? That is what I did--figured it was the easiest way. I may have gone a little overboard with the toppings, because I couldn't taste the egg at all. So then I made another one like a taco, minus the egg, with pepper jack cheese--it was quite good too! Thanks for sharing this creation with me! It was really delicious! I will be having it again for dinner tomorrow night I think. :)

Nicole said...

PS when do I get to talk to youuuuuuuuu????

Grapefruit said...

I'm now convinced we were friends in another life. Is that possible?

Glad you like them. They are delish, aren't they? I could even go for one right now, at 12:30am.

If you ever come to Phoenix with EY sometime, we can all just sit around at my house and eat. Shelley can eat her egg sandwiches and you and I will eat asparagus tarts and we can fight over Lost.

Sounds perfect.

nadia shea said...

you are such a doll! Thank you for all of your sweet comments. They seriously make my day! How are you and your family? I would love to hear an update! Miss you girl! I had so much fun working beside you.

Jennifer said...

I speak from experience...these are delish!