Monday, June 7


I have been wanting, nay, NEEDING, to write a post about my boys for quite some time now. It's just that there is sooooo much to write about, I end up not writing about any of it. Which is unfortunate because they are the cutest things ever and they need to be shared. So this is a very very very small post about the boys because I want to share them with you all, but I don't have tons of time right now to blog. These are the important things I want to remember and share about this stage in their adorable little lives.


He's 11 months now - crazy right? He is still not crawling, but he is very much mobile. He army crawls everywhere and has gotten pretty fast at it. Here's a sample. In case you can't tell what David's saying, he's chanting "crawl Trevor crawl". He's such a supportive big brother. I love how hard he laughs at his brother finally moving. He was so excited for him!

He hates being by himself so he will follow everyone around everywhere. Especially big brother. He loves following and playing with David. Which is sometimes and sometimes not received well. More on that later. He is our talker. He picks up words so quickly and will repeat what you say all the time - sometimes very clearly. He has said many words, but only repeating them, not really knowing what they mean. The words he actually KNOWS are: mommy (first word! Yayayayayaya! Especially since David didn't say it until he'd already been talking for about 4 months.) said "moMEEEEEE", with emphasis on the end; basket ball, said "bah ball", and every ball is a basket ball; applejuice, said "a-pple" with a pause between the syllables, and every drink is apple juice (like big brother); daddy, said "da-ddy" also with a pause between syllables; uh-oh, said very loudly and dramatically with emphasis on the "UUUUHHHH-ohhhhhhhhh" (held out very long); ow, which he says every time he pulls my hair; bye-bye, said "buh buh" or sometimes "buh bop"; and hi, said "hi". I think that's it.

He is all done nursing, something I feel really good and also really sad about, but he hasn't minded one bit. He hated jarred baby food and ate maybe two jars a day, but at 9 months we switched him to healthy table food and he loves it. He is a great eater, and very independent (read: messy). His favorite food is avocado. He would be happy if that's all we ever fed him. He also likes mashed potatoes. That's about all the food he likes. But he will eat chicken, cheese, oranges, oatmeal, and bread if we make him. He's very picky. But we recently discovered he loves Mexican food.

Like really loves it!

He is a people person and loves to be with you and laugh. He is the goofiest baby I've ever seen and he makes me laugh a majority of every day. He has what we lovingly refer to as "the toupee".

It's awesome. He only grows hair in the front (really long) and in these little "points" on the sides. Like bad hair plugs (think Tobias Funke). It's maybe my very favorite thing about him. I love love love this baby and am so grateful that I have been given the wonderful task of raising him.


He is 2 and a half. Very 2 and a half! :) This boy has non stop energy and a voice to boot. He loves anything as long as it's loud and out of control. He loves to sing, and usually does so at the very top of his lungs. It's usually theme songs for shows he likes or random Saturday Night live clips, like "on a boat" or "what up with that?".

He still hasn't figured out how to say "nautical themed pashmina afghan" in case you can't tell. But it's a work in progress.

He also knows some of the songs from Glee, specifically Kurt's version of "Rose's Turn" from Gypsy, and he sings it a lot. Sam thanks me every day for that one! ha ha ha ha. Anyway, he loves time out and it is his favorite place to be. Wait, it's not? Weird. You would think so for how much time he spends there.

He also loves to play with Trevor. Sometimes. Other times he runs away screaming he scared of Trevor, because he thinks Trevor only follows him to steal his toys. This results in much screaming, crying, tantruming, throwing, and a visit to his favorite place.

He loves to repeat the things you say to him in normal conversation like he's an adult. My favorites: "Look at me. Look at my face.", "Don't do that. Do you understand, Mommy? You understand me?", "No more, you put that down right now or you go time out!", "Oh my goooooodnesssssss!", "Oh. My. Gosh.", "Oh that is delicious!!!!" He says these things so dead serious that it is all I can do not to laugh. He is so funny.

That is a delicious full rotisserie chicken.

He also loves to bake, a la the above (helping mom make a tart crust)

His hair is out of control and so long, but I have no intention of cutting it. I think it fits his personality so perfectly. He loves his cowboy boots and wants to wear them every day. He usually picks out his own outfits, and 9 times out of ten it includes shorts, the monkey shirt his Grandma and Grandpa got him during their travels, and his cowboy boots and hat. I can't get enough of it.

This is not the monkey shirt, but you get the idea.

He is so funny and so sweet. Our lives changed forever the day we were given this little miracle, and it definitely changed for the better.

The boys together:

Trevor WORSHIPS David. They sleep together at night (in the same room. not the same bed. I'm not crazy), and I love to listen to them stay up and talk to each other until they fall asleep. David will start doing something loud and crazy, Trevor will belly laugh until he can't breathe, David will sing Trevor some songs, and then all will be quiet. Reverse this for the morning. Trevor doesn't care what they are playing as long as David is there. David sees Trevor as more of a animated toy than a person, but he still loves him and knows Trevor's his baby brother. His whole goal is to make Trevor laugh, or to show Trevor how much fun life can be. David will give Trevor his froggy when Trevor's really sad (a HUUUUUGE deal, if you know David at all. That frog is an extension of David's body), or try to get him to play with a toy if he thinks it's really fun. They wrestle and cuddle and laugh all day. Unless they're fighting. But since this is my blog and I can type whatever I want I'll leave those parts out.

I love David in cowboy mode. This is how he plays with Trevor. Like he's a super cool toy to ride and dress. I absolutely love the video with him putting the hat on Trevor. If you can't hear what he's saying, he's yelling "COWBOY HAT, TREVOR!!!" over and over. I love how excited he is to share his hat with Trevor, and how funny he thinks it is when it's on Trevor's head.

Okay, that ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated. I am long winded. I know. But I hope it will hold all you friends and family that live far away over for a while. Until next time.....


shelley said...

hee hee! thanks sister. i know you did that all for ME!

love david in his cowboy clothes.

love trevor army crawling.

love david YELLING everything!

makes me remember last year when my girls were in the same stages. maybe i actually MISS those stages. hmmm....

cute boys! and trevor, though he looks just like sam, looks just like david in those two pics of him in his high chair.

miss you!

Nicole said...

I have been waiting for a post like this FOREVER! I'm so glad you made the time to get it on here! I've been trying really hard to be patient and not pester you about it. :)

I LOVE David's cheering and his laughing excitement for Trevor's crawling! Oh my, the cutest thing ever! I am so excited to hear Trevor's talking when I come in July--I'm trying to imagine it because you describe it so cute, and then I realized I don't have to 'cause I get the real thing SOON! Yay! And I love his expression in the messy face pic--so funny and so cute. Yay for loving Mexican food! Refried beans are one of the things I cannot get Jade to eat!

It is so much fun to see David's personality blossom. What a character! With Team Salmon for parents, he has got to be though! And I mean that in a very, very good way. Love the singing and LOVE the shorts with cowboy boots. Best little boy outfit EVER.

I want to hear them before they go to sleep--that makes me smile so much. How sweet and fun that is! So hilarious--David trying to ride Trevor. I've been waiting to see that ever since you told me about it. Thanks for still posting it. :) Love seeing David make Trevor laugh--really makes me so happy.

And sorry, as much as I loved this post, it won't hold me over very long. I NEED more Banks! I can't get enough. Maybe we can chat this week and that will help? :)

ANNALISA said...

I agree with the other two commentators...good post!
1.I loved that David wanted to ride Trever.
2. That Trever seems to stop crying when David comes around.
3. That David seems to come around when Trever is crying.

What a cute family. I also can't wait to see them in person when I come in Sept. It seems like yesterday that I heard about the birth of Trever. 1 years old! Yikes. I love that the boys are so close in age...that makes it fun...good job mom on the double dipers, double everythin!!! and you still have time to cook and bake! It makes me happy...i'm glad we are fam.
keep the blogs a rollin....ciao ciao

Mom/Grammy said...

I'm still laughing out loud over that last video...what a cutie...what a goofer!!! Those boys are soooo cute and just light up your day when you see them...what a good big brother David is. Is that the original cowboy looks different...maybe it's just well loved...hehehe!

Heather said...

I miss Trevor's gothic lips.

Jerry Banks said...

thanks for this post Shannon. It is great