Saturday, August 28

Baby Talk - First Edition

Yes I know it's been a while and I have a lot to update. I actually have a post in my drafts right now that will get us all up to date, it's just not ready yet. It contains everything we've done from July to now, including our LOST party, Trevor's first birthday, my very first race, and more. There are a ton of pictures and it they just take too dang long to upload. But I digress. THIS post is here, and is my peace offering to tide everyone over until the big stuff comes.

I got this idea off a blog belonging to a friend of my sister's (I was blogstalking), and always thought it was so cute and funny. I just never documented anything. But now I will! This is a monthly installment of funny things my kids do and say for the month, and will be posted at the end of the month (or the beginning of the following month). So here you go - the August edition of baby talk........

David is learning about opposites - a wonderful trait for a 2 year old boy who loves nothing more than to contradict everything you say and do. If I say "you have to go to bed", he says "no I have to wake up". If I say "come over here", he'll say "no, I go over there". You get the picture. However, there are some things he doesn't quite understand what the opposite would be. For example:

David (crying because Trevor picked up a toy the David had discarded): No, Trevor can't play with that toy! That's David's toy!

Me: Yes, Trevor can play with that toy because you gave it up.

David: But I don't WANT to give it up! I want to give it down!

The other night Sam and I were going to the Stake President's office to get our temple recommends renewed. This was the conversation we had in the car on the way there:

David: What are we gonna go see?

Sam: We're going to go see the Stake Presidency

David: Are we gonna open the stick present?

Me: No, it's not a stick present; it's a stake presidency.

David: Are we gonna open that stake present-to-see?

In our house, we go through a lot of cheetos. And with Chester the Cheeta on every bag, you better believe that David is aware of them and what they are. In our house they are called "lion chips".

Me: What do you boys want for breakfast today?

David (enthusiastically): LION CHIPS?!?!?!?

Me: No lion chips for breakfast. Do you want some oatmeal?

David: Yeah, oatmeal.

(I make the oatmeal & bring it to the boys)

Trevor: NOOOOOO!!!! CHIPS!!!!

David was whining pretty non-stop over a toy he had taken away for bad behavior.

Me: David, you are not getting it back when you're behaving like this.

David: But I WAAAAANNNNNTTTT it (for full effect, imagine Gollum when he gets the Ring taken away)!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: If you stop crying we can talk about it.

David (crying a little less now): NO! I WAAAANNNNNTTT it!!!!!

Me: I can't hear you when you're crying.

David: I'm not crying. I'm just laughing for a little bit.

*Warning: this next one is definitely TMI, but it was so funny I thought I'd still add it. If you are grossed out by stories of toddler poo, then just skip this one. Although I should state that the poo involved was safely contained in a diaper, so there's no gross "poo was everywhere" talk. There's just some detailed talk of poo.*

I bought some fun straw cups at the store the other day and David has been drinking from them regularly. His favorite part of the straw cup is being able to blow bubbles in his milk, which he finds hilarious and will do it every time he gets said cup, regardless of the fact that participating in said behaivior promptly gets said cup taken away.
Well, the other day the boys had a stomach bug, complete with (whispered) *diarrhea*. I come out to the living room to find David laughing hysterically (tears down his purple face) while he's passing gas (keep in mind, there might be some liquid involved in this activity).

Me: Wow, David! What's so funny?

David: I'm blowin bubbles with my bum!

David has been really good about sleeping in his big boy bed. For the most part we don't have to worry about him getting out of bed and wandering. However, the other day I went into his room to wake him up from his nap and I couldn't find him anywhere. Turns out I just wasn't looking high enough:

He got up here because he wanted the stuff from those built in shelves that you see above him. And yes, he got the stuff he wanted down, and that's what you see him sleeping with.

Now these aren't necessarily funny, but I figured for our "baby talk" post, I should include all of Trevor's words that he's saying now. I have written his pronounciation out to the side. If there's not one it's because he says it normal. It's a long list, but here it is, in no particular order.
hello (ello)
ball (baw)
basketball (bah-baw)
basket (ba-tet)
bucket (buh-tet)
applejuice (appuh doo)
belly (beyeh)
clap (cap)
row row row - as in your boat (woah woah woah)
round and round - as in the wheels on the bus (wow wow wow)
catch it (very pronounced)
touch it (very pronounced)
I got it (very pronounced)
want it (wan it)
mine (myyyyyyyy)
oatmeal (uh-mel)
out (the T is very prounounced)
I do
bum bum
banana (nana or uh-nana)
bath (bap)
yeah (very high pitched and excited)
train (chain)
choo choo
oink (unk)
ah ah - as in what a monkey says
what's that (uh dat)
spoon (poon)
apple (appuh)
don't (Dohn)
stop it (very pronounced)
stand up (san up)
walk (wok)
cracker (cahcuh)
cheese (chee or dee or deese cheese)
balloon (buhyoon)
bat (T is very pronounced)
chip (tchip, very pronounced)
book (often book, sometimes just boo with an abrupt end)
hat (very pronounced)
pig (pid)
peek-a-boo (PEET boo)
I did it (very pronounced)
night night (nye night)
ashes - as in we all fall down (ashesh)
potty (poddy or sometimes poyey)
I need help (uh nee thelp)
abc (adc)
I push it (very pronounced)
num num nummy (can be said in any order and / or frequency)


Rob and Sara said...

LOL - I love the "blowing bubbles with my bum"! That is too dang funny. Thanks for the post and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Shannon said...

This was just too cute for words! " I'm just laughing for a little bit." That is too funny!

Nicole said...

Oh, man, I love it! It makes me reminisce about our sleepover when I got to see your cute boys in their element. I can just see David laughing and his commentary. Makes me smile so much! You have two very cute (and entertaining) boys!!

Jennifer said...

Oh man, that kid just cracks me up...he is getting so darn smart. Can't wait to see them this weekend and you and sam of course. I can't believe Trevor is saying so many things...blows my mind. Last time I saw him I think all he could say was ball. I love that David was asleep on the dresser....he is a boy for sure.

Heather said...

It's great to have made Trevor's list of words. Annalisa and Jenny can't dispute who the favorite aunt is now. suckahs!!
Also I'm thinking you should come down on Thursday.

Jerry Banks said...

Thanks for the laughs... They are smart boys!!!

Spencer and Audrey said...

HAHAHA!!! Bubbles... cracks me up! Reminds me of the time Katelyn told me that she "poofed" out her bum. Kids are so awesome!