Thursday, July 22

Give One Million

A while ago my friend Dave started an initiative to raise one million dollars for St. Jude's Hospital - a research center that dedicates itself to fighting children's cancer. He relies on donations to meet his goal - one million in one year. He's on day 118 (or somewhere around there) so he still has some time to go, and I know he and St. Jude's would appreciate any help you could give. Even a dollar. Or if you can't find it in the budget to donate, maybe you could help spread the word. By mouth, or by "liking" give one million on facebook, or by putting a give one million button on your blog, like the one to the right on mine here. Click on it to find out more! Thanks everyone.

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Camille said...

Hey! I got your comment on my blog. Thanks for leaving a note. It really is a small world. That is definitely Rhapsody with Melody (mom) and Summer (sister). That's crazy. Are you from Phoenix as well? Here's Rhap's blog address. She hasn't updated in awhile, but you could leave her a note if you want: