Tuesday, May 17

Massive Family Updates

For those of you wondering what's been going on with us since October, here are the last 7 months of our lives in a nutshell:

DECEMBER - David turned 3, we had an awesome Christmas in St. George with Sam's family, I got to perform in, help direct, and choreograph for Heber's Christmastime musical.

JANUARY - Hung out a lot with Sam's sister and her husband, including a kick-a New Year's party complete with noisemakers and overly rich chocolate peppermint cake, went to Italy and romped around for a week with another of Sam's sisters and her husband, housed said sister and brother-in-law for a couple weeks when they moved to the states until they found a house of their own (we tried sabotaging their house hunting so they'd stay, but it didn't work. Turns out if someone wants to get out of your house badly enough, they will find a way to get out).

FEBRUARY - Celebrated my birthday, potty trained David, went on a road trip to Tucson in my new car, not much else.

MARCH - Got a job offer in Tucson, AZ so we started packing up our house, helped the theater I was in with auditions to cast for The Sound of Music, got in a few final hurrahs with Sams two sisters and brothers-in-law.

APRIL - Moved to Tucson, Sam started his new job at Raytheon and I started running again, went to North Carolina to see my sister's new little baby boy, started our house hunt.

Now it's May, and Sam and I are still living at my parents' house hoping we can get into a house soon. I'm still running. Sam's really liking his job. And the boys are loving the desert. I mean loving it. This move has been so good for us in so many ways and we couldn't be happier.

A few things I want to remember about now:
*It's always sunny and warm here. The mornings are cool and breezy and gorgeous, so the boys and I play outside for at least an hour before breakfast every day. Amazing.

*David loves the plants and wildlife here. He talks non-stop about all the coyotes, "woodpackers", lizards, hummingbirds, sahuaro cactuses (yes he knows which ones they are), and "spiky bushes". He is a desert boy through and through and will tell anyone who will listen that he lives in Arizona and he loves the desert. He says hello to almost any cactus he sees. And he adamantly tells me he does not miss the snow!

*Trevor is loving being surrounded by rocks. He could throw rocks all day long (and he does). He's also fascinated with my parents' pool and the first thing he does when he wakes up is puts his shoes on and stands at the door to go outside. Once he's out there he puts his legs (pajama pants, shoes and all) in the pool and laughs and laughs.

*We have a super lame story time here, but there is a couple that comes every week with their granddaughter. David for some reason has taken a liking to the grandpa and sits with him every week. Without fail. It has gotten to the point that the man waits for David to get there and then goes into the story time circle with him. It's actually really sweet, but so strange! It makes me laugh every week. Even the story time leader is amused and bewildered by this behavior. But David loves this man and this man loves David.

*My mom just bought a new puppy on Friday, and Trevor is obsessed. She doesn't have a name yet, but Trevor insists that her name is "Puppydoggy". He WILL NOT call her anything else. He cannot be more than 5 feet from her at any time of the day. He will laugh until he can't breath any time she moves at all. He wants, very badly, for her to eat rocks. And she will do it for him. When Trevor is around, this puppy will wag her tail so hard she'll shake all over. I'm loving it.

*I am cooking a lot, which I really love. It's fun to be able to do it for more than just my little family. And it's nice because my parents don't ever eat homecooked meals, so they think everything I make is food magazine worthy. Ha ha ha. Parents: feeding children's delusions of grandeur since 1834. The main reason it's so nice is because my parents buy all the groceries. If I cook, they buy. It's a nice little tradeoff, and I'm making out like a bandit! Wah ha ha ha ha ha!

*Sam gets every other Friday off work so I have seen him more in the last month and a half than the rest of our entire marriage combined. It's fabulous, and we've done such fun things. We went to Tombstone with some friends (and made a domino effect of gross decisions), we've looked and looked and looked at houses, we visited the dirty south, we've been swimming with the kids, and he went camping with the boys and my dad.

We are loving life. I am truly happy. I've never seen our boys so full of life. Life is good.


shelley said...

laughed out loud really hard at trevor and the puppydog. who's name should be duchess, by the way. adorable. adorable. and your cooking paragraph too. it was denzel-laughing worthy. "ha ha! ok!"

so glad you're so happy. so glad life finally decided to throw you a bone. and so glad you're there with mom and dad, and super jealous about that too.

thanks for the fun reads. you're a good writer, and always make me laugh! love you sister!

Nicole said...

This post made me so unbelievably happy in so many ways. But mostly because I can tell that you are truly and honestly loving your new situation. It is about time the Banks are in such a great place in life! Seriously I couldn't be more thrilled for you right now. The boys sound as adorable and full of personality as ever and I love it! I'm also so glad Sam's job is going so well and allowing him so much time with you. That makes such a big difference. Thanks for the update; I loved it!

Heather said...

woah. what? Shocking. Glad things are so wonderful down there!
Pictures please, It has been far too long since I've seen daaaveed and fev.

Jennifer said...

I am shocked. shocked. to see a post. So happy you guys are loving life in the desert, although I wish you were closer I'm not gonna lie.
We NEED pictures!!!!!!

Annalisa said...

I too am shocked, but glad to hear that you are doing so well. I also must agree with Shelley, you are a great writer.

I miss you guys so much! We could be running together now...dang dang dang. Tell D and T that there favorite Aunt Sissy misses them.
I want a dog too. What kind is it?? I am imagining a small dog. hmmm.

Grammy said...

And as the saga comes to a close with you moving to another temporary place I am sad-I will miss all of you-and wait a minute...who's gonna cook!!!!!