Wednesday, November 12

Jenna, Jenna, Jenna

Who wouldn't miss times like those? And also times like these:

You would think that after 4.5 ballpark hotdogs, 3 nachos, 4 diet pepsi's and the subsequent fight not to vomit, I would be deterred from ever doing that again. But oh, no. This will be an annual event my friend. The annual "Gayle-and-Oprah-eat-their-weight-in-nitrates-and-powdered-cheese-sauce" extravaganza! See you next baseball season.


Shelley said...

ahahahaahaha! wish we had been there just one more night to participate in the tradition ourselves. sounds awesome and delicious. and a diet pepsi sounds really good right now... and a hot dog.

grammy said...

That first picture of David & Calvin is ADORABLE!!! What a contrast...hahaha!