Tuesday, June 8

David's thoughts on rain

Last night we had a beautiful thunder storm. It started raining pretty hard before David went to bed so he sat and watched in out our big patio window. He had many thoughts and opinions on the rain falling outside, but these were my favorites, in no particular order.

"Oh the water's on the gwound!"

"Those trees are swimming!!"

"Uh oh. That outside make a messy?"

"The outside going potty? Yup, it's going pee pee. The outside's going pee pee on the gwound!"

"No no outside! You spill the water! You gotta cwean it up or you go time out!"

"Mommy, the outside going swimming. The outside needs a fwoatie (floatie)."

I love to hear his little brain at work.


Nicole said...

:) Love it. So funny. What a cutie!

nadia shea said...

I did a post JUST FOR YOU!

Grammy said...

My personal favs are...outside going pee pee and cwean it up or you go time out...cutest little guy in the world (not biased) : )

Mom said...

Hey just looked back and saw my smile published broken : {

Mom said...

OK so I'm an idiot-in the published comments the smile is not broken just in the composing box (which it wasn't as I typed it...I don't think)-think I'll just quit smiling

Jerry Banks said...

What a mind!!